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Processing customer orders faster and more accurately

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Integrated platform allows Ahrend to meet the challenges of its European ambitions

The OpenText Cordys software allowed us to leverage the existing ERP functionality in this smart solution. The sales processes can now be monitored continuously, leading to more efficiency, faster improvements, and as a result, to higher customer satisfaction.


  • Improve response times
  • Reduce time to market
  • Cut costs of sales



  • Efficient sales and order processes
  • Improved levels of customer satisfaction
  • Reuse of existing IT functionality
  • Faster, accurate processing of customer orders

About Ahrend

Ahrend works together with customers, architects and other parties to design environments in which people are stimulated to achieve their optimum performance. The collection of recognizable, timeless furniture in the best tradition of Dutch Design developed and produced by Ahrend includes chairs like the Ahrend 350 and 250 and the legendary Revolt, tables like Mehes and the Ahrend 500 that are used worldwide, alongside other award-winning chairs, tables and storage systems.