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Conoco Inc. Chooses Open Text's Livelink Intranet to Streamline Refinery's Safety Management

Ponca City, Oklahoma – 1996-12-3 – Open Text Corporation of Waterloo, Ontario today announced that its Livelink Intranet application suite has been chosen by Conoco Inc. to streamline its process safety management procedures at Conoco's Ponca City, Oklahoma refinery.

"The ongoing installation of new motors and valves can lead to any number of related changes and involve large numbers of people, documents and schematics," says John Lines, Conoco's Director, Information Technology, Mid-Continent Business Unit. "The record-keeping has to be meticulous and the document management and workflow features of Livelink Intranet ensure that this is so."

Livelink Intranet is a tightly integrated search, document management, workflow and project collaboration application suite that provides a complete environment for effectively managing critical business processes, documents and projects.

"Livelink's Workflow is superior to other workflows we examined and at a cost- effective price," says Lines, "as it automates the movement of processes and assures proper authorization. Moreover, Livelink Library has great features with its intranet-based check in and check out capabilities, ensuring that people are working on appropriate versions, within a single, searchable environment."

Conoco needs to be able to analyze the appropriate computer-aided design programs (CAD), examine the right documents and ensure compliance with government regulations. The system for accomplishing these goals must be up-to-date, current and effective, hence their move to Livelink Intranet.

Livelink will be initially used by 200 Conoco employees on a HP-UX computing platform. Upon successful implementation user numbers are expected to increase in 1997 as new applications for Livelink are developed.

"Moving a company's workflow processes on to an intranet is easily accomplished by Livelink, and this has become a real plus with many of our customers," said Tom Jenkins, president and CEO of Open Text Corporation. "The competition can't beat our workflow capabilities."

Livelink Workflow creates a comprehensive work package for a specific project, containing all the important documents and information that users need to do their jobs. In addition, Livelink automatically captures every event in the process in a complete audit trail.

Livelink Library's version control enables users to work continuously with the most current version of their documents. As well, it provides a history of changes made to each document and users can view, copy and lock in previous versions to prevent deletion. A complete record of change is created.

About Conoco, Inc

Conoco, Inc. is an integrated international petroleum company involved in the exploration, production and marketing of crude oil and natural gas products. It employs 16,000 people and operates in 30 countries around the world. Conoco's total worldwide production is almost 700,000 barrels per day. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, Conoco is the energy subsidiary of DuPont. The Ponca City, Oklahoma refinery is one of four in the U.S.