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What is Single Point of Administration?

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Single Point of Administration

No need to touch individual web servers or hassle with agent deployments and configuration.

You can use NetIQ Access Manager by OpenText to centralize access control for all web sites, eliminating the need for multiple software tools at various locations. One access solution fits all applications and information assets. In addition, Access Manager includes support for major federation standards, including SAML and WS-Federation.

The browser-based Management Console provides a central place where your administrators can view, configure and manage all installed components and policies. It's also where your IT manager can monitor the health of the network in real time and automate certificate distribution.

And for large implementations, the Management Console lets you group multiple Access Gateways and then deploy configuration changes to them simultaneously. Access Manager replicates all component and policy configurations in a secure, fault-tolerant store.

To meet your administration needs, Management Console is extraordinarily flexible. It allows you to delegate administration for:

  • Identity servers
  • Access gateways
  • SSL VPNs
  • Java agents
  • Devices
  • Policies

These powerful features make it much simpler for you to maintain access control across your entire enterprise.