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What is Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)?


Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is the insight gained from processing and analyzing public data sources such as broadcast TV and radio, social media, and websites. These sources provide data in text, video, image, and audio formats.

Why open-source intelligence (OSINT)?

Demand for fast, 360° intelligence from disparate data sources in addressing public safety and opinions is increasing. OSINT provides accelerated analysis government agencies can enable effective actions, or improve competitiveness, where commercial organizations can monitor and analyze data related to market trends, their brands, and those of their competitors.

How does open-source intelligence (OSINT) work?

OSINT is achieved by ingestion of video, image, audio, and text data from public domain data sources and analyze the ingested data to yield insights from across all data sources. The analysis is based upon machine learning and deep neural network algorithms which enable the system to learn from the data to achieve and refine recognitions of patterns, trends, and relationships. For example, in the case of a broadcast TV interview, OSINT intelligence can identify both the interviewer and interviewee (video analytics), the key topics of discussion (speech and text analytics), how viewers react in social media (text analytics), and automatically provides, say, viewers’ opinion clusters, trends, and sentiments.

OpenText™ Open-source intelligence (OSINT) overview

Learn how OpenText™ IDOL, analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence, enables open-source intelligence (OSINT) and typical use cases of OSINT.

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OpenText IDOL for open-source intelligence

OpenText IDOL, a recognized leader in cognitive computing is a unified search and analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for text, video, image, and audio data. It enables better and faster decisions by accelerating comprehensive insights with these capabilities right out of the box.

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