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What is Event Correlation?

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Event correlation refers to the processes involved in sensing and analyzing relationships between events.

In complex dynamic environments, one of the biggest challenges is how to manage the large number of events that originate from a variety of sources. Within this sea of data, the requirement is to identify the events that have a significant impact on business services. So while it is essential to minimize the number of events that appear in the event browser, greater efficiency is gained by highlighting the events that, if unmanaged, could cause a breach in service level agreements (SLAs) and generate incidents in your help desk system.

Event correlation plays a vital role in automatically reducing the noise and allowing IT to focus on those issues that really matter to the business service and IT objectives.

Event Correlation

Why event correlation?

As data centers grow in size and complexity, IT event correlation and management becomes more challenging. Some challenges stem from IT silos, in which different network, server, and storage teams monitor events using their own tools and processes.

Businesses need a single, unified view of your IT environment and the ability to automate the execution of analytics, such as the correlation of events and performance data with topology from end-to-end and top to bottom.

Event correlation solutions

OpenText™ Operations Bridge is an IT event correlation and management solution that provides the ability to sense, analyze and adapt to manage IT services that support digital business. With advanced event correlation, log intelligence, predictive analytics and automation you can remediate issues across all your technologies to prioritize business targets.

What is Event Correlation?

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