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What is Data Collection?

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Data collection refers to a systematic approach to collecting, storing, and analyzing information for security intelligence.

Data Collection

What is data collection?

In today’s non-stop world, businesses need to unify machine data across the enterprise for compliance, regulations, security, IT operations, and log analytics. Data collection enables an organization to do the following:

  • Capture the variety, volume, and velocity of data necessary to detect security breaches and remediate them.
  • Set up, upgrade, and maintain data.
  • Store data cost-effectively, with a high compression ratio.

Data collection solution

ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) by OpenText™ is a high performance, cost-effective, open data collection platform that unifies all types of enterprise machine data so you can collect, store, search, report, and manage machine data. The following are some of ADP’s key offerings:

  • Delivers a future-ready big data solution with an open architecture that unifies data collection, alerting, searching, and reporting on any type of enterprise machine data. This unified machine data can be used for compliance, regulations, security, IT operations, log analytics, and more.
  • Collects machine data from any source (including logs, clickstreams, sensors, stream network traffic, security devices, Web servers, custom applications, social media, cloud services, and more).
  • Enables you to search, monitor, normalize, enrich, and analyze the data to gain valuable security intelligence across your entire organization.

Data Collection

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