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What is Capacity Planning?


Capacity planning is the process of predicting and forecasting the need for IT infrastructure resources by collecting the capacity of the current environment and using tools to measure it against future requirements.

Siloed processes are making it increasingly difficult for infrastructure administrators to manage their infrastructure efficiently and meet the demands of business. They may be faced with the questions:

  • What is the risk to my current environment due to non-ideal cluster configurations?
  • What is the impact of bringing down a server or an enclosure?
  • Are my clusters well balanced to handle planned or unplanned downtime?
  • Do I have enough infrastructure resources to meet future capacity needs of my business?

Many require a capacity planning solution which provides you with:

  • A unified view of the physical and virtual infrastructure layouts
  • A capacity optimization engine that is able to forecast and model future capacity needs
  • A platform to assess infrastructure risk and remediate before downtime strikes

Why capacity planning?

OpenText™ Operations Bridge provides comprehensive support for capacity planning, management and optimization with performance monitoring, problem solving and optimization of virtualized and cloud environments, quickly and efficiently.

With the OpenText capacity planning solution, you can:

  • Plan future capacity needs with capacity forecasting based on historical trends of business & infrastructure metrics.
  • Strike the right balance between performance risk due to under-provisioned capacity and over-provisioned capacity that balloons your infrastructure costs.
  • Efficiently detect performance issues in physical, virtual, and cloud environments and drill down to troubleshoot guest virtual machine performance issues in real time.
  • Get at-a-glance information and performance reports on your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure to speed response, act only on meaningful issues, and plot specific metric trends.

Capacity Planning

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