Compatible with Windows 8

OpenText is committed to supporting customers running Windows 8

OpenText™ has a rich history of working together with Microsoft to offer greater productivity and transparent information governance to modern organizations. Windows platforms enhance user productivity, information security and platform management, which enables companies to achieve significant cost reductions and benefit from the latest technologies.

Compatible with Windows 8

The following products are certified as Windows 8 compatible:

  • OpenText Exceed™ 15
  • OpenText HostExplorer™ 15
  • OpenText Secure Shell 15

In addition, as an industry leading provider of connectivity solutions for enterprises, OpenText is committed to support its other connectivity solutions on Windows 8 (excluding Windows 8 RT), and we will provide assistance to customers who wish to use our latest product offerings on Windows 8.

The following products have been tested on Windows 8 and we have found no major issues:

X Window OpenText Exceed TurboX (all versions)
OpenText Exceed PowerSuite 14
OpenText Exceed 3D 14+
OpenText Exceed XDK 14+
OpenText Exceed onDemand 8+
Network File System OpenText NFS Solo 14+
OpenText NFS Client 14+
OpenText NFS Server 14+
Security OpenText Secure Terminal 14+
OpenText SOCKS Client 14+
OpenText Secure Server 1.0+

Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 Desktop: Version 15 products have been optimized for the look and feel of the Windows 8 "Metro" desktop, with updated icons and backgrounds.

Multi-touch Gestures: OpenText Exceed 15 now provides multi-touch input for X applications, dependent on hardware and software support. This enables you to pass Windows 8 touchscreen gestures (such as pinch-zoom) to your X Window desktop.