Threat Detection and Response

Eliminate blindspots and network threats for comprehensive detection and response

annual cost of cybercrimes worldwide by 2025[1]


threat detection and response

Cyber threats are on the rise and growing more sophisticated. Ransomware groups can now access their targets’ networks long before they deploy actual ransomware. Organizations need advanced network threat detection and response solutions to prevent attackers from gaining the foothold needed to launch an attack.

Threat hunting solutions use forensic-level endpoint and network security to identify and eliminate any threat and establish a cyber resilience strategy.

Key benefits

Remediate endpoint and network threats, no matter how well hidden they are.

  • Detect and prevent cyber threats

    Continuously monitor endpoint security and address the latest cyber attacks as they occur.

  • Understand threat context

    Apply threat hunting intelligence to third-party-generated events to understand the full context of an attack.

  • Rapidly respond to incidents

    Utilize incident response capabilities for trusted, comprehensive visibility into target systems and remediation.

  • Expose hidden threats

    Get visibility across the network, such as user and application interactions, memory and device data, encrypted data and metadata, for intrusion detection prevention.

  • Defend against advanced threats

    Utilize intrusion prevention systems to tackle advanced endpoint and network attacks, whether from internal or external actors.

  • Remediate infected endpoints

    Eliminate malicious processes, delete corrupt files, reset impacted registry keys and perform other actions needed to fully recover from compromised endpoints.

Business impacts

  • Data-breach detection

    Early enterprise network security threat detection helps stop breaches before they start. But, many SOC teams rely on passive, alert-based tools that leave them unable to proactively prevent security breaches. Enable active anomaly detection.

  • Threat mitigation

    When a threat is detected, every second counts to mitigate damage. Running multiple, disparate threat tools is inefficient and offers an incomplete view of security postures. Respond faster with integrated network security capabilities.

  • Threat verification

    Security teams must investigate every legitimate threat. Manually verifying high threat alert volumes strains resources, causes alert fatigue and increases the risk of missing serious network threats. Automate threat response and improve efficiency.

  • Visibility into devices

    Any unmonitored system represents an entry point for attackers. For complete visibility, security teams must see into all devices, regardless of operating system. Increase visibility and protect all endpoints.

  • New threats

    Security teams need to prevent new threats from gaining a foothold in their network. Out-dated intrusion detection systems are unable to detect newer threats until they receive the next release. Immediately detect the latest threats.

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