Visibility and Transaction Management for Securities and Investments

Achieve complete visibility for trades of equities, mutual funds, fixed income and more


See how to automate business flows in securities, funds and cash processing

Operating in global financial markets requires sophisticated messaging capabilities. From interacting with transfer agents and brokers to managing fund accounting and custodian interfaces, payment and settlement processes are increasingly complex. Financial organizations struggle to provide secure, easy client access while accurately processing thousands of transactions a day across multiple networks.

Visibility and Transaction Management for Securities and Investments solutions provide effective controls, flexible workflows and complete visibility.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Improve straight-through processing rates

    Automate tasks and streamline payment processing by removing error-prone manual tasks.

  • Improve transparency and manage by exception

    Provide clients with accurate and complete payment information to enable users to quickly identify exceptions and take corrective action.

  • Enhance control and security

    Incorporate multilevel value-based maker/checker functionality and configure user entitlements for enhanced control and security.

  • Reduce complexities

    Implement a single point of entry for customer trading partners and provide a consolidated view of all transactions to eliminate time-consuming tracking complexities.

Business impacts

  • Customer access

    Clients want to view their payment information quickly and easily on the channel of their choice. Without self-service options, banks fail to meet expectations, leading frustrated clients to choose competitors. Enhance the customer experience.
  • Payment matching and reconciliation

    Middle office teams need full and accurate data to complete workflows. Since information is either spread across disparate systems or not captured at all, they struggle to match and reconcile payments. Improve data capture and settlement processes.

  • Payment tracking

    Clients expect to have full visibility into their payment status. Current processes lack visibility, preventing frustrated clients from catching and fixing bottlenecks that eventually lead to delayed payments. Enable end-to-end payment tracking.
  • Payment transparency

    To detect fraud and uncover insights, clients need complete and accurate payment information. Data that is captured manually or spread across multiple systems is error-prone, causing clients to lose trust. Simplify data capture and reduce fraud risk.

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