Portable eDiscovery for Privacy and Security

Keep sensitive data secure and comply with data privacy and localization laws

countries require their citizen data to be stored in servers physically located inside their borders [1]


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Organizations need to maintain compliance with data localization laws and protect sensitive information during eDiscovery and investigations. These obligations are challenged by emerging laws prohibiting cross-border data traffic, a preference for removing sensitive data prior to production or transfer to the cloud, and rising cybersecurity threats.

Air-gapped eDiscovery enables legal and compliance teams to manage eDiscovery projects and investigations from start to finish, while keeping PII and other sensitive data securely on-premises.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Ensure compliance

    Keep sensitive data, including PII, within premises and country borders to comply with data privacy and data localization regulations.

  • Reduce sensitive information exposure risk

    Eliminate all Internet access into eDiscovery projects and investigations and automatically identify, redact and protect sensitive information from exposure.

  • Conduct end-to-end eDiscovery and investigations

    Employ full-featured eDiscovery platform analytics, machine learning and automation to collect, analyze, review and produce data without Internet connectivity.

  • Deliver hybrid data-review strategies

    Conduct an efficient parallel review to keep sensitive data on-premises and keep other discovery data in the cloud for as-needed parallel analysis and review.

  • Ensure sensitive data stays on-premises

    Connect on-premises reviewer machines to a portable kit for the duration of the project and securely and forensically wipe the server upon project conclusion.

  • Get support for standalone projects

    Augment data collection, forensics and review resource limitations with technology-assisted review, production services or managed services support.

Business impacts

  • Project launch

    Implementing eDiscovery software on-premises when investigations or litigation needs arise is time-consuming, costly and resource-intensive. Expedite early case assessment (ECA) with a drop-shipped, pre-configured portable eDiscovery appliance.

  • Compliance and cybersecurity

    To comply with data localization and privacy laws and protect against cyber threats, organizations must identify, review and assess case merits in a quarantined environment without the Internet. Utilize an air-gapped solution to ensure compliance.

  • Time management

    Litigation review and investigations must be on time and on budget, yet manual document review is slow and expensive. Drive efficiency with integrated advanced analytics, visualizations, predictive filters, technology-assisted review and automation.

  • Fact-finding

    Switching between multiple applications and vendors delays case analysis and decisions. It also increases the risks of sensitive information exposure. Speed discovery and mitigate risk with a single solution.

  • Sensitive project data control

    Highly sensitive eDiscovery projects require high security, yet Internet connectivity can expose information to the wrong people. Ensure access to only approved stakeholders with log-in credentials and physical portable server access.

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