OpenText IT Operations Aviator

Empower users, service agents, and IT staff to find the answers they need with private generative AI

Finally, the smart virtual agent that everyone dreamed of is here

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IT Operations Aviator is a secure, private generative AI (GenAI) virtual agent that leverages domain-specific enterprise knowledge to simplify work for everyone. Aviator empowers users to self-resolve common requests by providing relevant, contextual responses in natural language. When users seek human assistance, Aviator expedites ticket handling for service agents by summarizing incoming service tickets and suggesting solutions. Aviator also simplifies troubleshooting for IT staff by retrieving pertinent information and suggesting remediation steps, reducing mean time to repair.

Learn how this virtual subject matter expert, available 24/7, speeds up service and issue resolution using a private large language model (LLM) with deep knowledge access and information retrieval capabilities. Now users, service agents, and IT staff can get back to work faster.

Elevate user experiences and increase IT efficiency

Say goodbye to long resolution times and hello to higher productivity

  • Deliver the self-service WOW factor with GenAI

    Empower users to resolve routine support and service requests in minutes—no human support needed.

  • Boost service agent productivity

    Expedite ticket handling by giving agents the context they need to work faster and reduce user wait times—without hiring more staff.

  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)

    Turn IT troubleshooters into experts by equipping them with precise information and effective remediation strategies.

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    Cut ITOps costs with GenAI

    Save service desk agent and IT staff time with GenAI. By streamlining your IT efficiency and reallocating your support team to higher-level tasks, you can address skilled staff shortages.

Generative AI for IT Operations use cases

Aviator is your private, round-the-clock subject matter expert for swift resolution of service requests and ITOps issues

Learn about GenAI for ITSM
  • Employee self-service

    Give users the answers they need, when they need them, for common service and support requests—from IT to HR. Users can ask the GenAI virtual agent questions at any time and get relevant, human-like responses.

  • Service desk agent support

    Support service desk agents with a built-in GenAI subject matter expert that provides contextual information about incoming tickets. Agents engage in natural language conversations with Aviator for ticket summarization and suggested solutions.

  • AIOps IT staff support

    Enable IT staff, including junior admins, to rapidly identify and fix issues. Aviator sifts through vast volumes of content and information—from your knowledge base or approved data sources such as vendor documentation—to provide fast, relevant answers and suggest remediation actions.

Explore Aviator solutions

Aviator for Business

Explore innovative AI capabilities of OpenText Aviator to reimagine work for your organization across all functional areas:

Aviator for Technologists

Get all you can out of AI with engineering platforms and tools to help your organization seamlessly establish information flows and orchestrate data.

  • OpenText™ Aviator Platform
    Enable smarter decisions with enterprise-grade platforms to process, organize, and analyze large data sets of all types
  • OpenText™ Aviator Search
    Give users access to the answers they need, faster and easier, with multi-repository search capabilities that let you customize everything from clicks to conversations
  • OpenText™ Aviator IoT
    Connect people, systems, and things to reimagine how to best manage high-value assets and accelerate your business
  • OpenText™ Aviator Thrust and Thrust Studio
    Build it your way with OpenText Cloud APIs that create the real-time information flows that enable custom applications and workflows
  • OpenText™ Aviator Lab
    Experiment with AI with our professional services experts and explore what you can do with AI in the OpenText Private Cloud

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