Integrated Payments and Reconciliation

Automate error-prone manual tasks and streamline payment flows

of corporations state that manual processes are one of their most critical friction points within the accounts receivables process[1]


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Overwhelmed by increasing operational costs and exposure to risk, corporate treasury departments are looking to their banks to provide innovative ways to streamline payment and reconciliation tasks. Financial institutions know they must make strategic investments to properly address this immense client need, yet have been slow to react.

OpenText™ Integrated Payments and Reconciliation solutions enable banks to provide their corporate clients a streamlined payment process with increased payment visibility and reduced risk.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Reduce costs

    Streamline time-consuming tasks and reduce error-prone manual processes to lower payment processing costs.

  • Minimize confusion and build trust

    Enable corporate customers to monitor payment status and acknowledgements, provide clients and staff alert notifications, and utilize configurable reporting features.

  • Mitigate fraud risks

    Automate payments to mitigate inaccuracies and significantly reduce the fraud risk associated with processing paper-based checks.

  • Improve payment flexibility

    Eliminate paper-based payment processing limitations with seamless, automated outbound cash flows that deliver improved flexibility and scalability.

Business impacts

  • Payment transparency

    Corporate clients want to efficiently track payment status, such as if a payment was delivered, yet legacy systems and processes do not provide that transparency. Gain full visibility into the payment lifecycle that extends to corporate clients.

  • Client onboarding

    The onboarding experience sets the tone for customer relationships. Corporate clients need to quickly onboard new customers and offer new and emerging payment channels. Provide stress-free onboarding with seamless implementation phase progression.

  • Managed support services

    Banks are built for paper-based processes, such as cash handling and check processing. Moving to a digital payment system is a substantial project for banks and their corporate clients. Utilize fully managed support services to optimize the solution.

  • Payment files

    Many banks receive multiple payment files from each corporate customer. The complexity and confusion created can lead to risk and inefficient workflows. Receive one consolidated payment file to streamline and simplify processes.

  • Receivables match rates

    Corporate clients must match payments to invoices, a manual, high-volume process that is time-consuming and error prone. Automate reconciliation for higher receivables match rates and greater efficiency.

  • Application integration

    Navigating the multiple banking portals required to manage different payment types is time-consuming. It can delay payment processing and increase the risk for human error. Utilize a single platform and eliminate unnecessary risk.

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