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Contract No: DIR-CPO-4405

Period of Performance: 1/30/2020 - 1/29/2026

Contract administrator

Amy Vernon
Mgr, US Public Sector Contracts
Email: avernon@opentext.com

Ordering information

All purchase orders must state: "Per DIR-CPO-4405 Contract"
OpenText Vendor ID: 477161
Open Text Address: 2440 Sand Hill Rd., Ste. 301 – Menlo Park, CA 94025
POs may be sent via email to uspublicsectorcontracts@opentext.com or directly to a sales representative

Product and services offered

OpenText offers software licenses and maintenance for the following major product and solution suites:

Warranty and return policies

All licensing terms, including warranty matters, are governed by provisions in the OpenText End-User License Agreement (EULA). Please refer to the Limited Warranties section for more information. If you need more information than this, refer to the EULA, (specifically page 3, section 9)

Authorized resellers

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