HR Investigations

Easily investigate employee misconduct across off-network endpoints and remote users

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Digital HR investigations grow even more complicated when the employee under investigation operates in a remote or work-from-home environment. The added complexity makes it difficult to maintain investigation fidelity and access all required evidence. Discretion is critical to prevent any potential tampering with or deletion of evidence. Mishandling of evidentiary data can lead to incomplete or compromised evidence, resulting in sanctions and fines.

HR Investigations solutions help organizations easily monitor and investigate employee activity that may put corporate assets at risk.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Investigate everywhere

    Thoroughly investigate any endpoint regardless of the OS, cloud source, encryption technology or artifact type involved.

  • Improve case outcomes

    Access and forensically preserve all the evidence needed for an investigation to avoid case dismissal.

  • Reduce investigation time

    Eliminate the need to wait for the acquisition target to reconnect to the corporate network to continue investigations.

  • Maintain business continuity

    Reduce legal and regulatory risk with defensible results and forensic accuracy.

Business impacts

  • Operational efficiency

    Traditional investigation methods are often out in the open. When employees know they are being investigated for potential wrongdoing, their productivity drops. Discreetly investigate activity across all endpoints in the background.

  • Remote workforce

    Today’s workforce is increasingly remote. As a result, evidence has more places to hide and it becomes more difficult to access it all. Easily monitor and investigate remote employees.

  • Evidence collection

    An effective HR investigation needs evidence from many sources, such as social media, internet browsers and mobile devices. Most organizations lack comprehensive evidence-collection capabilities. Gather all evidence of the suspected offense.

  • Corporate resources

    Each time suspected wrongdoing occurs, companies must conduct a lengthy investigation. Without in-house investigative staff, organizations must engage costly external resources. Leverage a scalable and cost-effective internal investigation process.

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