Grants Management

Improve efficiency and fund outcomes with better visibility and data quality

of grant officials say they can’t measure performance[1]


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As grant volumes increase, so do associated planning and administrative costs. Government funding agencies and non-profits are further challenged by fragmented, duplicative grants and subsidy processes. The result is a struggle to efficiently manage funds, measure performance and improve results.

Grants Management solutions provide organizations with increased visibility across the grant lifecycle to drive accountability, introduce efficiency and improve outcomes.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Improve transparency

    Gain end-to-end visibility, from program planning to payment disbursement, with standardized processes.

  • Measure impact and outcomes

    Unlock intelligence and insight around mission effectiveness to know where dollars are spent, if outcomes were met and how to scale performance.

  • Reduce administrative costs

    Digitize workflows and management to improve information sharing and insight and reduce duplication, fragmentation and overlap.

  • Boost productivity

    Streamline grants planning to optimize resource usage and enhance value-add activities, such as financial planning and fund distribution.

  • Gain record integrity

    Support compliance and governance throughout the grants management process by maintaining a single, auditable source of truth.

Business impacts

  • Funding

    Government agencies create grants to fund works for the public good. Manual processes and a lack of coordination between teams and agencies leads to missed milestones and unused funds. Leverage performance metrics for accurate and timely funding.

  • Grant reporting

    Grant recipients must file regular financial and program reports and respond to audit requests. Outdated government collection processes create additional burdens and hinder reporting analysis. Track, administer and manage reporting from one place.

  • Grant allocations

    Agencies need to disburse grant allocations in a timely manner to ensure recipients receive funds on schedule. Manual, paper-based review processes slow grant activities and risk errors. Automate reviews to efficiently make disbursements.

  • Data management

    Increasing grant volumes means agencies manage large troves of applicant information. Manual processes and legacy systems can contribute to data leaks and compliance risks. Modernize grants systems to improve data analytics.

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  1. [1]REI Systems, NGMA and GWU, Annual Survey: Grants Management Results and Analysis, Feb. 2021