Digital Thread for PLM

Improve collaboration, productivity and operations management with a strong digital thread

of manufacturers have either implemented or plan to implement digital threads[1]

Power your digital thread with smarter information

Learn how to put product data at the center of your information ecosystem

Manufacturing companies use systems to define, create and store product-related information. Yet, when it’s time to share that product data with downstream teams to create bills of materials, many organizations rely on manual processes that slow productivity, hinder operations management and put intellectual property at risk.

Digital Thread for PLM helps organizations build a digital thread across the full value chain, integrating with primary systems such as SAP, Maximo and Microsoft 365 to securely connect up-to-date product content and data with business processes whenever and wherever needed.

Digital thread for PLM benefits

Connect released PLM information with key applications to enhance collaboration across digital threads and accelerate manufacturing processes.

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    Improve collaboration

    Allow stakeholders to access the most relevant released product information, and seamlessly synchronize change requests and problem reports between PLM and other systems.

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    Accelerate time to value

    Leverage preconfigured connectivity with enterprise applications, such as ERP, MES and MRO, to significantly accelerate deployments.

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    Lower cost of quality

    Create a centralized source of truth for released product data to reduce defects caused by incorrect information during manufacturing.

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    Boost operational productivity

    Facilitate collaboration between multiple PLM systems and other enterprises across subsidiaries and their supply chains.

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    Reduce the cost of ownership

    Leverage application programming interface capabilities for consistent collaboration and to avoid the costs of inevitable technology and business changes.

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    Focus on revenue-generating activities

    Spend less time searching systems for product-relevant information and more time running manufacturing, supply and customer servicing processes.

Operations management business impacts

  • Fast, reliable access to design information

    Stakeholders need to view released product design information. Limited access means processes and collaboration are slow and disconnected. Synchronize data to ensure consistent access to relevant information.

  • Seamless collaboration with downstream operations

    Downstream operations rely on released product design information stored in the PLM system. Collecting this information manually wastes time and risks human error. Automate access to streamline collaboration.

  • Streamlined change request processes

    Change requests to post-design information sometimes need to be initiated by downstream functions. Inconsistent change processes lead to delays and costly mistakes. Automate consistent change requests to eliminate confusion.

  • Easier access to PLM information

    Manufacturing functions need PLM information to complete critical processes. License restrictions limit access, resulting in time-consuming, error-prone information requests. Enable appropriate access to accelerate workflows.

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