Asset Track and Trace for Healthcare

Quickly locate and deploy valuable equipment and devices to enhance care delivery


Heart rate monitor beside a hospital bed

Large healthcare organizations manage thousands of assets. Manually monitoring these assets using spreadsheets or paper makes tracking each one, its location and its condition complex and time-consuming. Many healthcare organizations are adopting digital asset tracking to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Asset Track and Trace solutions allow clinicians to view this data and quickly locate and deploy the assets needed to support patient care.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Prevent unplanned treatment delays

    Improve response times and increase efficiencies with real-time medical equipment availability and location data.

  • Minimize cybersecurity threats

    Establish secure integrations between people, systems and things to deliver seamless information flows.

  • Coordinate care across providers, devices and systems

    Enable compliant integration and secure messaging for all devices.

  • Create data-driven services

    Apply AI and machine learning to monitor conditions, boost essential medical equipment and asset availability and onboard new devices quickly.

Business impacts

  • Device management

    Large healthcare organizations own thousands of assets. Using manual processes to track and monitor each one is time-consuming and leads to inaccuracies and operation delays. Digitize tracking to easily manage and locate valuable medical assets.

  • Medical device deployment

    Clinical staff spends hours locating and deploying specialty medical devices. The time-consuming task slows patient care and wastes nursing resources. Improve response times and patient care.

  • Maintenance orders

    Hospitals track maintenance orders and out-of-service equipment on paper. Without insight into performance, teams cannot predict failures and perform maintenance before it impacts patient care quality. Proactively manage devices to maximize uptime.

  • Device data

    Healthcare organizations are deploying new remote services lines, such as remote patient monitoring and hospital at home. These services rely on medical device data that is often managed in disparate systems. Integrate and secure device data.

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