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Get straightforward answers on how AI can help your organization

Watch one or all of these 10-minute discussions designed to answer your burning AI questions, fill in your AI knowledge gaps, and help your organization get its AI journey off the ground.

Listen as John Radko, OpenText SVP of enterprise engineering, and Rita Jackson, OpenText SVP of product marketing, engage in brief but jam-packed conversations that break down the complexities of AI into easily digestible bites covering:

  • Tips for getting started using AI.
  • How to determine which of your use cases are right for AI.
  • Challenges and considerations.

Your registration gives you access to all three on-demand recordings:

Session 1: Getting started
There’s a goldrush mentality around AI, but how do you start? What should you be thinking about? How do you decide which workflows or processes are the best candidates for applying AI?

Session 2: Avoiding pitfalls
What are the challenges to consider as you get started with AI? What guardrails should you put in place so you get the desired results?

Session 3: Build, buy, or partner?
What’s the right answer for your organization? How do you decide? What are the risks?

Meet the speakers

John Radko

SVP, Enterprise Engineering, OpenText

Rita Jackson

SVP, Product Marketing, OpenText