Optimize cloud costs and carbon with FinOps

Find and remove sources of cloud waste

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Maximize the value of your cloud investment by prioritizing cloud cost optimization. Build financial accountability across teams, spark insight-driven decisions, and shrink IT’s carbon footprint.

  • Drive responsible usage

    Create transparency. Accurately allocate and provide visibility into costs and carbon. Deliver granular views, savings recommendations, and budget tracking.

  • Optimize commitment plans

    Find cost-effective commitment plans using what-if analyses that surpass Azure and AWS recommendations.

  • Automate waste cleanup

    Empower your engineers with auto-delivered savings insights for easy verification and automated execution—directly from the platform.

FinOps + GreenOps—Simultaneously optimize cloud costs and carbon

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Say hello to Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX)—the smart FinOps solution from OpenText. HCMX empowers you to build a culture of shared responsibility, pick the best savings plans, engage engineers in decision-making, and enhance sustainability.
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Cloud spend transparency drives accountability, reduces waste

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Cost-effective use of cloud services requires total cloud spend transparency. But achieving that transparency is possible only through accurate cost allocation and clear visualization of spending data.

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How to find the most cost-effective AWS and Azure commitment plans

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If you follow Azure or AWS commitment plan recommendations, you may pay more than you should. Use smart what-if analyses to uncover the plans that best align with your business requirements.
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Engage engineers and streamline waste cleanup with automation

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What if you could automate the removal of wasted cloud resources—and bid farewell to inefficiencies? Empower engineers to optimize cloud usage by routing savings recommendations directly to them for easy verification and automated execution.

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GreenOps—For smarter, more sustainable IT Operations

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Sustainable IT matters to environmentally responsible organizations. With the OpenText™ FinOps solution, you can shrink IT’s carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.
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Additional capabilities

Spend controls for engineers

Apply spend limits with alerts and watch reckless acts of provisioning get off your cloud.

Enhanced tagging with discovery

Discover noncompliant tags and implement automation-assisted tagging.

Support for multiple root accounts

Support root accounts within a single tenant to simplify processing and visualization of billing data.

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