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Sears Holdings Management Corporation, on behalf of itself and its Affiliates, including Sears Roebuck & Co ("Company" or "Sears") has entered into an agreement with OpenText. ("OpenText"), for OpenText' Retail Webforms Service, to provision web enabled EDI forms service to Sears. As part of the agreement, Sears is paying the Retail Webforms Service Fees for its Trading Partners for a limited period of time. As a Sears trading partner, you are eligible to participate in this program to use the Retail Webforms Service for use with Sears and no other businesses, for the limited term extended to you by Sears at no charge for a period of sixty (60) days. If you wish to continue using the Retail Webforms Service after the sixty (60) day period paid by Sears, you must sign an Agreement directly with OpenText to continue to receive the Retail Webforms Service. Your use of the Retail Webforms Service is limited to use with Sears and no other businesses. Should you want to expand your use of the Retail Webforms Service, please contact OpenText Sales to sign an agreement for such additional Retail Webforms Service.

The Retail Webforms Service is offered "as-is" with no warranty to you and no liability to OpenText or Sears.

This offer may be cancelled upon notice at any time by Sears or OpenText and your service terminated without liability to Sears or OpenText.

Please complete the information below in order to sign up for the Retail Webforms Service. All fields are required.

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If you have any additional questions, please call OpenText at +1 877 446 6847, Option 4. Thank you.

Excerpt from the Sears Vendor Letter November 2009:

"At Sears Holdings Management Corporation (SHMC), we value doing business with your company and are constantly striving to improve our partnership. We are taking steps to further improve our new item setup efficiencies and decrease the amount of time spent in IMA (Item Maintenance Application).

Sears Holdings Management Corporation and Inovis partnered to provide Sears Holdings Corporation with the ability to accept new item information through the Inovis Catalogue. This enables Sears Holdings Corporation to receive product information from a single location in a standardized format from our vendors. We are requiring our softlines vendors to use Inovis for all new item setup through the data synchronization process. "