Active Catalogue Program


In an effort to better support our trading partners, OpenText™ has assembled the following information to help you meet Belk’s need for additional attributes.

About the program

The information provided in the links below will help you understand the additional attributes requested by Belk and how you can submit them via the OpenText Active Catalogue. Adding additional attributes to Active Catalogue can be done in any number of ways. The links below provide Belk’s specific guides on which attributes you should load via the User Interface, CSV File or 832 EDI File.

Program contact

Tonia James

Account Executive

Over the last several months, Belk has been working on some upgrades to the data that we provide via EDI. While none of these updates are mandatory for our vendor group, we hope that you will consider updating your system to reflect these changes. All EDI specifications are available at under Vendor Info. Among those updates are enhancements to the following documents:

  • The EDI PO Change Document (860) has been updated to reflect a more industry standard approach.
  • The EDI Product Activity Document (852) has been enhanced to include On-Order data, reflecting any quantity that is not yet received at the Store.
  • In June, we will make available to our Trading Partners two new EDI documents, the EDI Organizational Relationships Document (816) providing store/dc location information and the EDI Text Message Document (864) offering news and information from Belk to our Trading Partners.

We are excited about these new additions to our existing EDI Program. If you are interested in receiving any of the new documents or updating your existing PO Change or POS Documents, please let us know by emailing

If your company wishes to continue receiving 852’s from Belk, please contact Belk ( OpenText will contact you so that you can continue receiving 852’s from Belk. Note that Belk will continue sending 852’s to the current receiver ID that we have on file for your company; however, we can only set up 852’s where the ID points to an active OpenText mailbox. No interconnections are allowed for 852’s, they must be sent to an OpenText mailbox and 997’s also have to come from an OpenText mailbox. If you have any questions, please contact the EDI Team ( Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Further Information & Resources

Contact Support

Active Catalogue Support
1-800-334-2255 (Option 2, 2)