Information Management at Scale

OpenText Process Automation Applications

Streamline processes to unlock productivity and enable superior service


See how Opentext Process Automation Applications are helping MSIG deliver seamless digital experiences for users and customers

OpenText™ Process Automation Applications simplify processes, speed time-to-value, empower employees and put customers at the center of every transaction. Built on the OpenText™ AppWorks™ low-code application development platform, these applications can also be extended to meet changing business needs.

How OpenText Process Automation Applications can benefit business

  • Improve customer experience

    Deliver a dynamic customer experience with smart, content-rich applications.

  • Increase productivity

    Connect internal and external information to automate repetitive tasks and help guide workers through complex assignments.

  • Ensure compliance

    Enforce compliance with both external and internal regulations through process automation, standardization and audit trails.

  • Improve decision making

    Consolidate relevant information from all sources for a context-rich picture for visibility into real time operations via analytics, process monitoring and reporting.