Security Cloud

Information Assurance

Collect and manage electronically stored information (ESI) with a court-validated platform


See how corporations and government agencies locate sensitive information quickly and comprehensively

OpenText™ Information Assurance solutions allow corporations and government agencies to perform discrete, targeted collections of electronically stored information (ESI) from a multitude of sources, including on-premises systems, cloud repositories and distributed endpoints. Information Assurance solutions include integrated reporting, auditing and logging to ensure a strict chain of custody.

How Information Assurance can benefit business

  • Gain insight

    Understand the scope of the information being collected, prepare data-driven case strategies, and reduce downstream review costs and time.

  • Collect from anywhere, anytime

    Perform discrete targeted collections on on-premises systems, cloud repositories, across remote endpoints and more with reporting, auditing and logging.

  • Enforce defensible, repeatable processes

    Easily create templates and automated, repeatable workflows to meet deadlines and produce better outcomes, preserving metadata and maintaining a strict chain-of-custody.

  • Scale collections and processing

    Securely collect terabytes, or even petabytes, of data for review.