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Automate database maintenance with an embeddable web and SMB database

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OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase is a fully relational, high-performance and application-embeddable database for Windows and Linux. With automated deployment, configuration, and maintenance, it offers a self-recovering and highly automated architecture for reliable operation without constant maintenance. Independent software vendors and organizations around the world choose Gupta SQLBase for its small footprint and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Why choose OpenText Gupta SQLBase?

  • Small database footprint

    Leverage a fully embedded database in a package that consumes few resources and doesn’t require massive machine resources.

  • Pre-configured and automated database

    Ensure safe and secure data, even in IT-less customer environments, with preconfigured installations and automated installation, maintenance, and operations.

How Gupta SQLBase can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Gupta SQLBase.

  • Operate in IT-less environments

    Ensure ISVs and software houses can reliably operate in environments without IT staff by using an embedded database.

  • Streamline licensing

    Obtain cost-effective license packs for multiple customers at exactly the required volume.

  • Simplify database deployment

    Distribute the Gupta SQLBase embedded database alongside software solutions.

  • Leverage extensive developer support

    Use Gupta SQLBase in conjunction with virtually any software programming language.


  • Multi-threaded power for Windows and Linux

    Provides a powerful, embedded database for Windows® (32-bit and 64-bit) and Linux® (64-bit).

  • Highly secure database

    Uses strong 256-bit AES database encryption and a 256-bit SSL transmission encryption for high security, and administrators can enforce password strength rules on their users.

  • Comprehensive software development support

    Offers an array of modern database drivers that connect with applications and services created by virtually any software development.

  • Easy, automated database administration

    Provides automated maintenance tools to centrally configure tasks.

Frequently asked questions

Embedded databases are crucial for ISVs because they simplify their software’s deployment process. By bundling the database within the application, ISVs eliminate the need for users to install and configure a separate database server. This reduces complexity, minimizes potential compatibility issues, and enhances the user experience, making it easier for customers to adopt and use the software.

A workgroup database server is a server component that manages multiple users’ access to workgroup databases in a workgroup environment.

The purpose of a workgroup database server is to improve the performance and reliability of database operations in a workgroup environment.

Gupta SQLBase is a relational database management system (RDBMS) known for its high performance and lightweight footprint. It differentiates itself through its ease of use, scalability, and suitability for embedded and mobile applications.

Gupta SQLBase offers features like data encryption, support for stored procedures, triggers, and a small memory footprint, making it ideal for embedded, workgroup, SMB, and mobile applications. Its ACID compliance ensures data integrity, and its robust security features make it suitable for various industries.

Gupta SQLBase offers data encryption capabilities to secure sensitive information at rest, and it supports user authentication and access control mechanisms to ensure data security within applications.

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