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Quickly and easily create reports and ad hoc queries for databases

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OpenText™ Gupta Report Builder empowers staff to quickly and easily create attractive reports and ad hoc queries for databases. Gupta Report Builder creates business intelligence reports suitable for both internal management and outside customer audiences.

Why choose OpenText Gupta Report Builder?

  • Team Developer business applications integration

    Customize Team Developer business reports and provide ad hoc database querying and reporting.

  • Easy graphical query and report design

    Get visual guidance to define complex database query conditions and turn query data into compelling designed reports.

How Gupta Report Builder can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Gupta Report Builder.

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  • Work Smarter

    Acquire key information efficiently while improving employees' decision making processes with intelligent insights.

  • Access accurate information quickly

    Empower every employee to run meaningful reports specific to their job function.

  • Add value to software offerings

    Embed Report Builder into existing solutions and products to differentiate in the market and generate new revenue.

  • Easily license for mass deployment

    Access everything needed for cost-effective and custom deployment options through easy licensing models.


  • Point-and-click database querying

    Enables queries with just a few clicks and easily joins tables or views to build enhanced business reports. Offers support for many databases, including Oracle, SQL Server and ODBC connections.
  • Flexible formatting

    Includes conditional display, conditional formatting, image or text watermarks, fonts, font enhancements, colors and borders so staff can tailor reports to fit specific needs and audiences.

  • Powerful business charting control

    Adds attractive and easy to understand 2D or 3D charts to reports.
  • More than one hundred built-in data manipulation functions

    Equips staff to modify and customize reporting data to fit needs, such as grouping data by the year it was extracted from a database field.

Take advantage of OpenText and partner services


OpenText offers managed services for Gupta Report Builder.

  • Extend your team
    Off Cloud, on-premises software, managed by your organization or OpenText

Professional Services

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OpenText Learning Services offers comprehensive enablement and learning programs to accelerate knowledge and skills.


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