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OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce

Enhance collaboration, automate processes and maximize efficiency in Salesforce


Learn how to optimize sales cycles with OpenText™ Extended ECM for Salesforce®

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Salesforce® integrates Salesforce with a central content management platform and other business applications to improve information access, flow and governance. The solution surfaces relevant information from across the enterprise directly in the Salesforce interface to improve collaboration, efficiency and service.

At a pivotal moment for the Information Management industry, integrated content management is critical to success. Learn why.

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Why choose OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce?

  • Complete view of the customer

    Connect, share and use customer data across multiple applications to distribute information across processes and surface where needed.

  • Fully integrated information flows

    Customer information stored in Salesforce can be surfaced within the content management platform to support business processes without screen flips.

  • All-encompassing contract management

    Easily generate, maintain, store, retain and manage the entire lifecycle of contracts in Salesforce.

How Extended ECM for Salesforce benefits business

OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce integrates the industry-leading CRM application into a content management framework that facilitates information flows and introduces full lifecycle management to Salesforce content.

  • Centralize customer data

    Connect relevant information from across the enterprise to create context and provide a 360-degree view of customers.

  • Manage access and governance

    Extend centrally defined security, compliance and permission policies into Salesforce.

  • Accelerate sales cycles

    Surface relevant information from other business systems directly in the Salesforce interface, giving sales teams the details they need to act quickly and decisively.

  • Empower customer service

    Enable service teams with access to accurate, up-to-date information faster, without leaving Salesforce.

  • Easy deployment

    Experience simple and straightforward setup and configuration for any use case with no coding required.


  • Immersive user experience

    Fully integrates into Salesforce Sales, Service and Industry clouds to seamlessly embed content management functionality within the Salesforce Lightning user interface.

  • Instant data integration

    Automatically replicates relevant data from Salesforce business objects to provide content the needed context for classification and management.

  • Flexible configuration

    Present content within standard and custom Salesforce business-object types.

  • Sharing capabilities

    Expand and manage information sharing across the Salesforce Experience Cloud.

  • Role-based permission management

    Enhance existing Salesforce permission rules to manage or redefine roles.

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