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OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering

Efficiently control engineering information, work processes and risk across the lifecycle of projects and operations to accelerate revenue

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Learn how OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering streamlines projects and increases operations revenue

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering accelerates exchange, collaboration, accessibility and project completion to increase asset uptime revenues. The solution efficiently controls engineering information, work processes and risk across the lifecycle. Through deep integration with Enterprise Asset Management systems, it ensures project, operations and maintenance personnel have access to content in context.

Why choose OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering?

  • Digital twins enhance collaboration

    Create digital twins to allow Operations and Capital Projects to work simultaneously and ensure accurate and speedy handovers during construction for optimal startup, operations and maintenance.

  • SAP Solution Extension Partnership

    Rely on quality and integration integrity to speed implementations and upgrades based on decades of co-development and Premium Qualification testing by SAP.

  • Deep integrations speed maintenance tasks

    Access engineering and process documents directly from the assets and locations in SAP EAM and Maximo to maximize operations, maintenance planning and execution tasks.

How Extended ECM for Engineering can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Extended ECM for Engineering.

  • Keep projects on track

    Efficiently collaborate on large volumes of content with internal and external parties to ensure projects move forward on schedule and within costs.

  • Protect IP

    Securely share the right content with the right partner to safeguard information.

  • Secure remote access

    Securely access and collaborate on engineering and process documents anywhere in the world on any device.

  • Extend to meet needs

    Develop integrations to create tailored dashboards and reports.

  • Mitigate litigation risks

    Track detailed accounts of activities with comprehensive audit trails to ensure accountability.


  • Persona-driven dashboards

    Tailor dashboards for each person, role and activity to streamline processes for more effective and efficient information access and risk management.

  • Geospatial content navigation

    Provide visual, intuitive access to relevant content based on the location of an asset or project with Esri ArcGIS integration.

  • Deep SAP integration

    Connects content to SAP processes and objects to facilitate higher levels of productivity, reliability, compliance and worker safety while reducing costs and environmental impact.

  • Best practice templates

    Accelerate project setup with templates that are easily configurable to the unique needs of each project and asset.

  • Specialized engineering application integration

    Integrations with Dassault® SOLIDWORKS®, Bentley® MicroStation®, AutoDesk® AutoCAD® & Revit® 3D and SAP® Plant Maintenance.

  • Automated workflows

    Keep projects and tasks on track with automated transitions on events and actions.

  • Graphical UI & reports

    Enhance insight and control with faceted workflow, reports and overall work progress widgets for complete project visibility.

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  1. [1] Oil and Gas Has a Problem With Unstructured Data Journal of Petroleum Technology, July 2, 2019 By Alec Walker.