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Overcome data challenges and optimize decision-making with a cloud database

of business decision makers cite scalability as the biggest obstacle to effective data analysis[1]

Deliver fast, affordable SaaS analytics

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Tap into any data, at any scale, anywhere. OpenText™ Core Analytics Database helps organizations minimize compute resources for total control over each analytical workload. With Core Analytics Database, organizations get a unified cloud database platform with high-performance SQL and Python analytics and built-in machine learning perfect for many workloads.

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Why choose OpenText Core Analytics Database?

  • Petabyte scalability

    Spin up new instances and analyze massive amounts of data for self-service insights and improved visibility and decision-making.

  • Simplified cloud database deployment

    Eliminate complexity by managing both your data lake and data warehouse in the OpenText cloud.

  • Data democratization

    Serve thousands of users and diverse workloads with most-wanted tools and languages like SQL and Python.

  • Time-series analysis

    Cruise through machine-generated log data with time-series analysis features and scaling that can handle any type of log data.

  • Precise geospatial capability

    Understand more about sales territories, flood zones, item locations, and customer demographics.

  • Machine learning capabilities

    Make predictions, build recommendation engines, and more.

Turn data into knowledge—fast

OpenText Core Analytics Database provides blazingly fast speeds (queries run 10–50x faster) and exabyte-scale, all at a much lower cost than traditional data warehouse solutions.

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    Boost productivity in the cloud

    Democratize data with faster query responses for your users, no matter how big your data gets.

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    Simplify with a cloud data lakehouse

    Your scalable cloud data lakehouse is just a few clicks away with our easy-to-use web interface.

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    Manage structured data

    Connect and analyze any customer data, logs, and machine-generated data with SaaS analytics that can uncover its value.

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    Lower server costs and carbon footprint

    Get more for less—use 50% fewer servers for a lower total cost of ownership and carbon footprint.

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    Scale without limits

    Don’t worry about the scale and cost challenges of too much data—get analytics that can handle any size data.


  • Advanced analytics

    Enables many types of analytics with time-series, geospatial, and built-in machine learning.

  • Auto-scaling

    Automatically scales up and down servers as needed to meet analytical demand, letting efficiency reign supreme.

  • Self-service business intelligence

    Provides intuitive, in-context, drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG self-service BI capabilities so business users can easily find answers and insights and develop presentation-quality reports and dashboards.

  • Workload isolation

    Deploys subclusters for data loading, reporting, data science, or any type of workload, eliminating concerns about noisy neighbors or rogue queries impacting performance.

  • Separation of compute and storage

    Provides the right-size cluster for the prescribed workload, no matter if there are many queries or just a few.

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  1. [1]Foundry MarketPulse Survey for OpenText AI and Analytics, publishing July 2024