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OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences

Realize operational efficiencies with secure access, fast deployment, and flexible upgrades

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Learn how Life Sciences organizations gain cloud operational efficiencies

OpenText Content Cloud™ for Life Sciences adds cloud efficiencies to the document control and governance capabilities of OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences to accelerate clinical trials, improve regulatory submission quality, and ensure manufacturing process compliance. Cloud solutions for Life Sciences offer flexible upgrade timing, predictable operating costs, and secure employee and partner access.

Why choose OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences?

  • Hyperscaler options

    Choose the cloud infrastructure that best meet organizational needs, including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Flexible upgrade timing

    Schedule upgrades that are quickly available and ensure users always have the latest software features at their fingertips.

  • Managed service

    Solve evolving business needs quickly and reliably in the cloud with optimal performance and lower total cost of ownership.

  • Configurable integration capabilities

    Connect critical cloud-based and on-premises systems, such as Quality Management, Learning Management, Electronic Publishing and ERP Systems, with configurable integration capabilities.

How Content Cloud for Life Sciences can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences.

  • Improve cloud efficiencies

    Combine the flexibility and configurability of Documentum for Life Sciences with cloud operational efficiencies.

  • Ensure compliance

    Comply with GxP quality guidelines and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations with access control, detailed audit trails, e-approvals, e-signatures, and lifecycle management.

  • Reduce time to deployment

    Receive cloud product releases as containerized updates to use the latest technologies without investing excessive time and resources into upgrades.

  • Easy upgrades

    Leverage a containerized architecture to easily upgrade and access new features, capabilities, and updates.


  • Industry compliance

    Accelerates clinical trials, improves regulatory submission quality, and ensures manufacturing process compliance.

  • GXP validation

    Features pre-validated environments, including Installation and Operational Qualifications executed by OpenText, to confidently meet industry standards required by cloud solutions for Life Sciences.

  • Secure access for employees and partners

    Allows on-site and remote employees, as well as trusted external partners, to access content and tasks with secure connections from any device.

  • Single, shared repository

    Enables one or more solutions to be deployed in the same Documentum for Life Sciences repository for content sharing and reuse.

Take advantage of OpenText and partner services


OpenText offers deployment choice and flexibility for Content Cloud for Life Sciences.

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