OpenText Availability

Get proven disaster recovery for Windows and Linux servers


See how Availability enables high availability and disaster recovery

OpenText™ Availability enables IT organizations to maintain the highest availability of their Windows® and Linux® servers. Preventing downtime and data loss, Availability employs a continuous replication mechanism to maintain a secondary copy of the operating environment, without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth.

Why choose OpenText Availability?

  • Patented replication technology

    Capture changes at the byte level and replicate them between any source and target environment.

  • Immediate and automatic failover protection

    Manually or automatically switch users to the secondary server in minutes or seconds to eliminate disruption in the event of an outage.

How Availability can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using OpenText Availability.

  • Minimize business disruptions

    Maintain a stand-by environment that can quickly take over in the case of outages.

  • Easily ensure protection

    Protect servers with automatic and on-demand failover with push-button simplicity.

  • Get real-time visibility

    Monitor the health of primary and failover servers with an enterprise dashboard offering real-time visibility and management of physical, virtual and cloud environments.

  • Reduce costs

    Run on any network without extra resources or special hardware.


  • Continuous replication

    Maintains an up-to-date operating environment copy for always-on data protection.

  • Automatic setup and configuration

    Allows users to manage and monitor environments quickly and easily in a single console.

  • Highly scalable and flexible

    Replicates data between physical, cloud and virtual platforms of any size and complexity.

  • Bandwidth throttling

    Optimizes the use of limited network resources.

  • Comprehensive SDK

    Supports integration and automation.

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