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Distance Learning (eLearning and Virtual Classroom)

“Learn what you need, when you need, where you need...”

Many organizations work in a dispersed environment and traditional classroom training sessions may incur prohibitive travel costs and/or scheduling conflicts. OpenText Learning Services offers a number of eLearning programs and virtual classroom formats for Livelink ECM, making it easy for your employees to get the training they need to work more effectively with OpenText Solutions.

Overview of Distance Learning Offerings

Distance Learning Offerings can provide you benefits beyond standard classroom training. Different formats give you more flexibility in delivery options:

  • Virtual Classroom: Bridging geographic regions between learning requirements and delivery.
  • eLearning: Self-paced learning, independent of geographic location and time.
  • Distance Learning: online self-paced learning with instructor facilitation, independent of geographic location and time.

Virtual Classroom

In a virtual classroom, various communication channels are available for the live interaction between the participants and trainer. These involve voice, instant messaging, status icons, question & answer chat and webcam (optionally, for live video).

Using a Virtual Classroom provides various benefits:

  • Bring together participants from different geographical locations.
  • No expenses for travel, hotel & training facilities.
  • Suitable for training deliverables on short notice (i.e. short modules for a small topic).
  • All types of digital media can be integrated (videos, podcasts, screen capture, animations, PowerPoint etc).
  • Interaction between participants & instructor via application sharing.
  • Participants can work with software on systems that are not locally available.

For more information please review this vLearning Fact Sheet, or contact our Training Registrar.

** Please note that Virtual Classroom start and end times are dependent upon region, please be sure to review your Training Registration emails carefully for this information, or contact us to confirm the time for specific Virtual classes.


Training is vital to user communities to support them in adopting new technologies and processes in a timely manner. Experience tells us that in many organizations the costs and time involved in providing user-level training for their community exceeds the time and budget available to them.

Scheduling employees to attend instructor-led training can be challenging; training needs to be timely and relevant to participants to ensure retention. eLearning is designed to be available to your user community from their desktop anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no need to schedule time away from daily activities or incur travel expenses.

The Solution

OpenText’s methodology and approach to eLearning courseware development incorporates the following:

  • Show Me
  • Tell Me
  • Let Me Try
  • Quiz Me

Our solution utilizes a mixture of photographic and illustrated imagery, animations, software simulations and audio components to impart the training’s learning objectives.  It was developed as a means to support the ‘average’ user in their need to perform various activities within the Livelink ECM environment.  Due to the nature of eLearning, the offerings have been designed such that a user can work through the tasks in 2 hours or less.  Typically a user is no more than 3 clicks away from a topic, and all topics are available from the main menu.

Our eLearning offerings were developed to reflect the industry standard of the “80/20 rule” of software use.  Industry studies have determined that 80% of users take advantage of 20% of the functionality of any software package.
For more information please review this eLearning Fact Sheet, or contact our Training Registrar.

Distance Learning

OpenText Learning Services is now offering the core 101 Knowledge Fundamentals course in a Distance Learning format. As with eLearning, students will have the option of self-paced learning anywhere in the world with the added benefit of instructor facilitation and a course manual.

Benefits of the Distance Learning option include:

  • Participants will be couriered the three-day instructor led course manual for their reference.

The course modules include:

  • An introductory overview lecture.
  • In-depth instructions and simulations
  • LiveWork to optionally complete in their own Livelink environment
  • A quiz at the end of each module to test their new skills
  • A final quiz to cover the entire course contents
  • A forum to post questions that is monitored by a qualified instructor
  • The Knowledge Fundamentals quick reference guide to download and keep at their desk.
  • A glossary of common terminology used in the course.


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