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Developing native mobile workforce apps requires developers for iOS and Android to have very specialized and expensive skills. OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile offers one integrated IDE that uses high level-coding and data-access-configuration to quickly build native mobile workforce apps that work on all mobile devices, regardless of screen size, language, and mobile operating system at a fraction of the cost of native development.

For organizations building cross-platform mobile workforce apps for mobile data acquisition, Gupta TD Mobile addresses the challenges of native development by simplifying, automating and accelerating mobile enterprise app development – greatly reducing the cost of mobile enterprise app development.

Gupta TD Mobile offers no-coding, configuration-only database access to all databases, and easy access to Web Services and REST services to be able to feed data into all backend data systems with ease.

  • Simplify native mobile cross platform Enterprise Application Development
    Easy-to-use development system for native mobile HTML5/JavaScript enterprise applications across mobile devices and OSs. TD Mobile eliminates the coding typically required to design the GUI, to connect backend services with the UI and to interact with SQL and NoSQL databases. With less coding, the time and cost to develop mobile enterprise applications is significantly reduced.
  • One source code for all mobile platforms – native apps for all mobile devices
    Build one single app one time and run on all mobile devices including smartphones, phablets and tablets that use iOS and/or Android. Cut development cost by using one team of developers instead of having a development team for every device OS. Native app support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more.
  • Access REST Services
    Easily access REST services to integrate functionality provided by SAP®, SalesForce® and other SaaS providers. Gupta TD Mobile applications can bridge data silos by providing access to basically any backend system.
  • Access all your datasources with ease
    Easily Access Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, SAP, SalesForce, MongoDB or any other database or software package you need to integrate with your mobile solutions.

    TD Mobile Database Access

  • No-coding database access
    Automatically connect data connections to backend data sources such as relational databases or NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

    TD Mobile Architecture

  • Bind GUI objects to data sources is a snap
    TD Mobile offers groundbreaking new technology to bind your app screens with backend data. No JavaScript or HTML programming is required.
  • Interactive GUI Design
    Interactively draw the layout of your app using the powerful container controls and many data-aware controls of TD Mobile. The TD Mobile app designer is a graphical tool that lets you design and preview your app screens like they will appear on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Offline capable applications
    If you need to use your apps frequently in areas without network reception you can leverage the multi-page offline mode including local data storage.
  • Integrate device features like GPS and camera
    Leverage the built-in barcode scanner module to scan barcodes via the device camera from within your app. Access the contacts app of the device to retrieve and insert data. Use the accellerometer of the device in your coding. Capture the current GPS position and save it in a central database. Send notifications to mobile devices and more. Create active links for phone, sms, email and maps that integrate your app with other device apps.
  • Run mobile reporting
    Design and execute stunning reports for your management, invoices for your online sales activities and much more.
  • Easy and powerful mobile software development.
    We understand that sometimes it is important to go beyond the easy and dive into the underlying technology to achieve complex functionality. TD Mobile always lets you dive into the underlying technology and use HTML5 and JavaScript directly when required.
  • Deploy highly secure TD Mobile apps.
    Using SSL encryption, all data transfer between the device and the data center is fully encrypted. TD Mobile includes powerful user authentication and role authentication.
  • Cloud and App Store Publishing
    Deploy your apps to the native App Store or deploy them to the cloud using the web app build type.
  • Save time and money
    TD Mobile helps save you money and time when building and deploying mobile enterprise apps. Analysts worldwide describe HTML5/JavaScript apps as the most cost effective way of building and deploying mobile enterprise apps.