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OpenText eDOCS

Capture, govern, find and securely collaborate on sensitive legal work product

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eDOCS ECM software overview

Manage high value content seamlessly with OpenText™ eDOCS content management. It works the way you do.

OpenText™ eDOCS is a light-footprint, cost-effective and highly-flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solution for Legal, Corporate Legal, Public Sector and Professional Service organizations and corporate law departments. eDOCS ensures sensitive work product is securely managed throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations, to enable users to deliver exceptional enterprise content services to their clients.

A modern new InfoCenter user interface puts accessibility, usability and personalization at the forefront of today’s work-anywhere experience. With an easily personalized, modern ‘tiled’ interface, OpenText eDOCS InfoCenter, offers added choice and flexibility in how users work. InfoCenter is available across devices and business applications, from desktop and tablet to mobile and web. Additionally, users can access their information while working inside any Microsoft Office authoring application.

eDOCS features

  • Cloud ready

    Offers instant access to a full set of eDOCS capabilities, no matter the cloud deployment model, through a cloud-architected, modern and visually intuitive enterprise content management system with flexible options that meet business, IT and security needs.

  • Enhanced search functions

    Allows users to search Microsoft® Outlook® mailboxes and eDOCS from a single search bar. Easily search within flex folders, subfolders and remote library folders. Offers profile search or advanced search forms for more detailed or complex searches.

  • Search integration

    Offers quick and automatic search models using an AI-powered search engine, OpenText™ MindServer™, to find the most relevant information available. Integrates with OpenText™ Decisiv™ for a single, unified search solution across all enterprise repositories, including eDOCS libraries, email archives, intranet sites and knowledge management systems.

  • Added security

    Includes multiple security access levels, configurable metadata, enhanced security inheritance models and Defense, the new security module add-on to protect from internal data breaches.

  • Superior user experience

    Provides choice and flexibility, including traditional DM extensions to integrate functionality seamlessly, one click access to information via InfoCenter visual dashboards, InfoCenter mobile application for iOS and Android, InfoCenter for the Web for access from any browser and the InfoCenter for Office add-in to access content while working inside any Microsoft Office authoring application.

  • Work-anywhere information hub

    Delivers a centralized, information working hub where knowledge workers can securely access, edit and collaborate on stored documents with one-click from inside any of their preferred Microsoft productivity applications, including Word™, Outlook™, Teams™ and OneDrive™.

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OpenText eDOCS benefits

  • Instant access to complete content

    Employ a metadata approach and powerful search capabilities for instant access to related work product for a complete, holistic view into a client, project, matter or case. Navigate to content using familiar folder structures or FlexFolders that instantly display available content based on metadata. Reference saved searches and recently edited files. View changes over multiple document versions.

  • Protected data

    Close the information security gap left open on device level encryption to more completely protect Intellectual Property (IP) and valuable customer information with two levels of security protecting data, on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Administration ease

    Leverage a scalable platform and distributed architecture designed to maximize system availability and performance. Get a single source for IT manageability for simplified administration, whether deployed on-premises or in a private cloud. Easily configure contextual interfaces for the capture and retrieval of work product. Achieve rapid system deployments without visiting workstations and simplify maintenance with web and Microsoft® Windows® utilities that support centralized as well as delegated system management.

  • Improved user adoption

    Gain choice and flexibility in how law firms, corporate legal departments and other organizations with high touch, high value documents work and how their users access their corporate and clients' IP and data. Build customized dashboards that surface important or frequently used content or create custom displays in visually familiar, browser-based tiles. Organize information in a personal workspace and share with other users, securing them accordingly. Save time by eliminating repetitive log-ins when working with multiple, integrated cloud applications with a secure single sign-on (SSO).

  • Seamless, intuitive user experience

    Enable employees to work the way they need to be most productive, from mobile to virtual to in office. Securely access, manage and share legal content from any device and location as well as in the cloud.

  • Operational excellence

    Perform key business activities and reduce costs, without sacrificing superior client service. Fuel digital processes with digital information for significant operational efficiencies to compete in the digital age.

Part of a complete offering

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eDOCS is the digital backbone of a wider enterprise content management (ECM) solution set. The eDOCS platform supports a wide range of business applications, including enhanced security, collaboration, email management, records management, workflow, business process management, SharePoint integration, mobile access, enterprise search and much more.

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