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Oil & Gas – Enterprise Application Access Solutions

With unparalleled performance, enterprise wide scalability and the ability to offer high-quality 3D rendering from the most demanding applications, OpenText Exceed TurboX offers dependable business value to help solve challenges in today's Oil & Gas operations.

3D Geo Exploration and Seismic Modelling
It is critically important for exploration and production operations to be able to access and display high-end 3D business line applications. With built-in support for displaying complex 3D applications, OpenText solutions offer a viable and high performance alternative to expensive high-end 3D workstations or vendor specific proprietary 3D visualization methods. Organizations that adopt OpenText Exceed TurboX are able to accelerate adoption of 3D technologies by offering a premium user experience and reduced costs.

Application Access for Remote Workforce
Oil & Gas companies have workforces that need to operate with optimum productivity regardless of location, and with minimal disruption even in challenging conditions. OpenText Exceed TurboX allows organizations to securely and reliably deliver the most complex line of business applications to thousands of users regardless of their location.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Virtualization
Infrastructure monitoring and management applications need to be displayed in real-time with the highest possible quality and user experience regardless of the conditions. Accessing infrastructure management and monitoring services must be tightly controlled and secured according to industry requirements and companies’ best practices. OpenText Exceed TurboX provides those enterprises with a real-time reliable access to their infrastructure management and monitoring applications.