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Manufacturing – Enterprise Application Access Solutions

By providing global managed access to their business applications, OpenText Connectivity solutions offer manufacturing organizations the ability to transform their IT infrastructure.

3D Modelization and Visualization
OpenText Exceed TurboX can deliver the most demanding 3D applications across any network to any user, allowing them to leverage 3D technologies no matter where they are located.

PLM and CAD/CAM access for Engineers
OpenText Exceed TurboX enables a centrally managed delivery channel for PLM and CAD/CAM applications, helping companies improve the productivity of their engineering task force, while maintaining control over their intellectual property.

OpenText Connectivity solutions such as Exceed TurboX help manufacturing organizations obtain better and faster results from their outsourcing strategy. OpenText enables manufacturers to exercise control on a daily basis over an outsourced vendor's activity to ensure that the project meets its performance targets while meeting security standards.