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Connectivity 15 Products

With updated security, improved 2D & 3D performance and a refreshed user experience, the Connectivity 15 suite provides an unequalled experience for connecting to your Linux, UNIX and IBM mainframe environments.

Connecting to X Window systems, UNIXes, Mainframes, AS/400s and other business host systems is getting easier, faster and more secure with OpenText Connectivity version 15 products.

The Connectivity product suite offers the most robust remote access solutions for both modern and legacy environments, backed by a company that continues to invest in these products. Our latest release of this proven product line includes updated security, an improved user experience, and support for the latest browsers and operating systems.

Connectivity 15 marks the 25th anniversary of the Exceed product line.

OpenText Exceed

OpenText Exceed: Provides Windows users with secure and high-performance access to X Window graphical applications and desktops running on UNIX and Linux servers. Exceed 15 includes HostExplorer 15, the leading platform for connecting Windows desktops to IBM mainframes and AS/400s. Exceed is certified for deploying via Citrix XenApp 6 and 7.

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OpenText Exceed 3D

OpenText Exceed 3D: Add-on for Exceed that enables access to 3D OpenGL applications running on UNIX, Linux and other X11 desktops from a Microsoft Windows PC. It provides the best possible accuracy and performance for complex graphical applications.

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OpenText Exceed XDK

OpenText Exceed XDK: Software development kit (SDK) that provides the ability to port existing X Window applications from UNIX, Linux or VMS systems to Microsoft Windows with minimum re-programming requirements.

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OpenText HostExplorer

OpenText HostExplorer: Single, unified solution that provides fast and reliable connections from a PC desktop or web browser to IBM mainframes, AS/400s, UNIX/Linux systems, FTP servers, and other enterprise hosts.

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OpenText Secure Shell

OpenText Secure Shell: Provides SSH-2 encryption, authentication, and tunneling capabilities for a variety of applications. Secure Shell can be used in combination with Exceed or with 3rd party applications to provide maximum security across open networks, with minimal effort.

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Connectivity 15 Highlights

  • Certified compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 7 and 8
  • Citrix Ready for Citrix® XenApp 6 and 7 virtualization environments
  • Latest OpenSSL libraries for secure SSH and SSL / TLS connections
  • FIPS 201 Smart Card authentication support (X.509 and public / private key)
  • Refreshed user interface for improved experience in modern Windows environments
  • Improved web deployment capabilities
  • Optimized 2D and 3D engine, for up to 50% reduced CPU usage
  • Touch screen and Windows 8 gesture support
  • New display modes, docking support, and full screen toolbar
  • More than 150 additional features and improvements

Connectivity 15     Connectivity 15

Connectivity 15 is certified compatible for Windows 7 and 8.


Exceed, OpenText Secure Shell, and HostExplorer are certified for Citrix XenApp 6 and 7.