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Aerospace & Defense – Remote Access Solutions

OpenText™ Connectivity solutions enable Aerospace & Defense organizations to create a secured infrastructure to access their business line applications around the world – fostering user productivity, team collaboration and a centralized approach to security and remote application access control.

3D Modelization and Visualization
The significant improvements in computing power and simulation algorithms have dramatically increased the deployment of 3D modelization and visualization applications in the Aerospace & Defense industry. OpenText offers a 3D remote access solution for engineers to interact in real-time with those applications regardless of their geographical location or their computing requirements.

PLM and CAD-CAM Access for Engineers
OpenText Exceed TurboX helps companies create a secure virtual PLM and CAD/CAM environment that can be easily managed and provisioned, while offering measurable productivity improvements to global engineering teams.

Application Access for Remote Workforce
Because they operate on a global scale, Aerospace & Defense companies have always had to manage resources in a variety of geographical locations, leading to challenges when it comes to offering a high quality, centrally managed business application infrastructure. OpenText Exceed TurboX is the solution for organizations that need to securely deliver high quality application access to a global remote workforce.