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Deliver valuable business insight with real-time Voice of Customer, speech and cross-channel analytics

Today’s customers regularly use a variety of communication channels and touch points to engage with companies, but most businesses can’t understand the related patterns and trends within those interactions or compile them for sharing with decision makers. Moving beyond disparate customer interaction data is the first step in identifying the insights that will positively influence your business. When deployed as part of the OpenText™ Qfiniti intelligent modular workforce optimization (WFO) solution, OpenText™ Explore provides a business discovery solution that allows you to view cross-channel interactions collectively for a comprehensive picture of customer behaviors and relationships.

OpenText Explore enables analysis of call recordings and chat sessions in combination with behavioral data from social media, worldwide blogs, web forums, and news coverage and then mines this rich data dynamically for underlying meaning. As a result, actionable insight into customer behavior can be made available in near real time, not only to the contact center, but also to business units throughout the enterprise, such as marketing and sales. From this information, insight into engaging and highly relevant customer experiences makes it possible to more effectively resolve problems or improve sales across every channel.

  • Aggregate all data sources regardless of channel
  • Automatically cluster data to discover emerging trends
  • Take sentiment detection to the next level
  • Gain broad social media access
  • Benefit from automatic alerting and tagging
  • Rely on a customizable web interface

Some of the proven use cases include:

  • Speech analytics and discovery: Account for the variability in speech, such as language, dialect, accent, or emotion by using technology to form a contextual hypothesis of what is being said.
  • Voice of the Customer: Gain a thorough understanding of customer perceptions and feedback from across all channels and touch points.
  • Cross-channel optimization: Identify which customers should be moved to self-service versus agent-assisted service based on specific situations; for instance, certain customers should always engage in live interactions with an agent.
  • Customer experience analytics: Understand and respond to the true experiences for specific customers, as opposed to siloed experiences based on legacy single-channel technologies.
  • Text analytics: Understand the meaning of text-based communications, such as survey results, complete with open-end verbatim or CRM notes, and automatically classify and categorize those interactions based on meaning as opposed to keywords.
  • Customer interaction survey and assessment: Leverage all survey and assessment data for a complete picture of customer interactions.
  • Fraud and risk mitigation: Detect patterns of activity to alert for situations where fraud or risk is growing and protect the organization against potential harm.

In combination with OpenText Qfiniti and as part of the OpenText intelligent workforce optimization offering, Explore delivers actionable customer insight to your contact center and beyond to the broader organization.

How Can We Help?

The advanced Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics solution from OpenText addresses critical contact center business needs by enabling the discovery of actionable insight from customer interactions.

Customer Engagement

OpenText™ Explore brings advanced VoC, speech and multichannel analytics to the contact center and the broader enterprise, providing analysis of all customer interactions across voice, email, chat, web and social media interactions.

When integrated with OpenText™ Qfiniti Survey, which provides secure, cost-effective deployment of cloud-based voice and web surveys for both inbound and outbound customer insight, the OpenText platform enables the contact center to implement a complete VoC strategy for the broader enterprise.

Powering some of the largest contact centers in the world, OpenText™ Qfiniti and OpenText Explore enable comprehensive process automation and improved agent engagement that, in turn, lead to a more consistent delivery of premium customer service and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

For an independent assessment of the value that OpenText brings to the enterprise contact center, The Forrester Wave™: Workforce Optimization Suites, Q3 2016 report, which names OpenText a Strong Performer, cites “three main strategic thrusts for the technology: 1) integrating it into a broad CEM play; 2) using analytics to drive improved customer service; and 3) providing numerous as-a-service consumption models.”

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