OpenText Release 16

Digitize, automate and optimize enterprise information flows

Release 16 helps manage enterprise information flows.

Release 16Today's disruptive digital technologies transform both enterprise and consumer spaces, re-shaping expectations of how employees work, collaborate and conduct business. The capacity to generate and collect information is greater than ever before, and deriving meaningful insight from it is the next major transformative activity for business. It will fuel further disruption but also open new possibilities and set the stage for innovative business models.

OpenText Release 16 and its Enhancement Packs (EP1, EP2, EP3 and EP4) rise to the challenge by offering the only complete solution for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) with a comprehensive view of how information flows in a connected and intelligent enterprise. New opportunities present themselves to organizations enabling them to leverage the power of hybrid cloud models, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to transform the way they operate and innovate. Learn more about Release 16 EP4 in this blog.

“The new web interface introduced with OpenText Content Suite 16, combined with Microsoft® Office Online integration, is seamless and simple to use, and it worked ‘out-of-the-box’ with zero effort on the part of the end user. For us, this is a win-win solution, resulting in easy collaboration and content management oversight, for both end-users and organizations alike!”

John Oram
Director, ICT & KM
CARE Canada

EP4: What's New in Release 16?

EP4 expands Release 16 by augmenting core areas of AI, IoT, security, cloud and developer support alongside key improvements to user productivity and experience.

  • 1. Artificial Intelligence

    EP4 introduces enhanced content mining and analytics capabilities, improved data discovery and new data connecting and loading options for analysts and business users. Citizen data scientists can now transform and enrich data in Spark via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Native integrations into OpenText EIM solutions including Documentum, Content Server, Archive Center and eDocs enable easy analysis of ECM data alongside other sources through Magellan.

  • 2. Security

    EP4 provides bi-directional Splunk integration, snapshot comparison and other new tools to automate and expedite incident response in OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security. It also brings Apple File System (APFS) support, broader foreign language support, the ability to discover more deleted and hidden data, updated encryption support and a faster, more scalable index for corporate and government forensic investigations in OpenText EnCase Forensic and OpenText Endpoint Investigator.

  • 3. Internet of Things

    IoT developers are empowered with the Covisint IDE to configure events, rules and processes. Fog computing enhancements, tracking and the ability to define behaviors of secure ecosystems accelerate the development of IoT solutions. Integrated security features that surpass enterprise-grade IoT solution requirements enable rapid creation of highly-secure, vertical-specific solutions.

  • 4. Cloud

    With Release 16 EP4, OpenText makes it easier for organizations to move to the right hybrid or fully-managed cloud environment. New cloud connectors continue to place the OpenText ecosystem at the center of digital business, while working seamlessly with best-in-breed technologies in asset and resource management, operations, content creation and content collaboration.

  • 5. Developer

    Low code development has been expanded with additional out-of-the-box integration to OpenText products and a unified application development across OpenText AppWorks and Process Suite. EP4 also provides new developer guides and documentation, basic REST support for all current SOAP APIs and support for Docker containers and the Realm database. Further enhancements to the EIS connector framework allow connections to external systems, such as SAP® and Salesforce®.

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  • OpenText Experience 16

    Drive engagement with intelligent and connected experiences across the entire interaction journey to improve customer lifetime value.

  • OpenText Business Network 16

    Ensure compliance and accelerate time to revenue with digital, agile business ecosystems of interconnected trading partners, systems and things.

  • OpenText AppWorks 16

    Optimize business processes with intelligent automation, gain greater insight into your operations and drive growth with a low-code application development platform.

  • OpenText Content 16

    Redefine Enterprise Content Management with an integrated, enterprise-wide information grid that transforms personal productivity, process productivity and control.

  • OpenText Discovery 16

    Search, extract, classify, review and analyze content across your enterprise to discover what matters.

  • OpenText Analytics 16

    A comprehensive AI and analytics platform featuring OpenText Magellan and OpenText Analytics Suite that unlocks insights from big data and big content.