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Legal Industry solutions

Address legal and compliance issues, manage information, optimize processes and minimize cost and risk with Legal solutions from OpenText

Discover how law firms and legal departments are reshaping their industry with OpenText solutions.

Today's challenges

As businesses seek to gain an information advantage, law firms and legal departments face a number of significant hurdles.

Staggering data volumes impact eDiscovery costs and risks

Massive data volumes and the need for rapid, data-driven decision-making pressure businesses to take a more comprehensive approach to eDiscovery data management and redefine the roles of in-house and outside counsel.

Failure to intelligently leverage data

Lack of insight from data prevents Legal professionals from effectively leveraging work product and content, re-purposing information and retaining useful institutional knowledge.

Heightened pressure to ensure operational excellence

Legal professionals increasingly need to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs and free up time to perform high-value work.

Increased legal, regulatory and cybersecurity risks

Legal responsibilities extend well beyond traditional practices to include information governance, data privacy and security.

Customer success stories

Benefits of OpenText Legal Industry solutions

Data analytics, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, among other technologies, are quickly becoming essential to the legal profession, helping organizations sort through complex information, find relevant documents more quickly and accurately, make better strategic decisions, improve workflows and more.

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OpenText Legal solutions

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