Learning Services

Custom eLearning

Accelerate user adoption through custom eLearning featuring relevant terms and use cases

Modern, future-proof training built by experts delivers...

  • Clear answers to “what’s in it for me?”
  • Faster grasp of concepts via experiential learning
  • Full control over content and brand identity

User Adoption Solution FasTrak overview

Deliver a user-centric, personalized, and interactive onboarding experience

Learn how we can accelerate user adoption of new software solutions.

Learning Services experts work with you to produce fully customized eLearning modules designed to accelerate user time to value. The modules reflect your corporate identity and include premium features, such as hands-on exercises, digitally rendered presenters, and a responsive design interface.

Ready to learn more about custom eLearning?

Interactive learning session

If your users need to quickly understand a new software solution and the benefits of embracing it, then the User Adoption Solution FasTrak may be the right approach for you. Our proven methodology guides you from the design and storyboard phase through to deployment and maintenance.

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Your path to a productive workforce

  • Step 1

    Contact an OpenText expert

    Reach out to an OpenText learning expert to review your adoption needs and goals.

  • Step 2

    Create a plan together

    We will recommend the most appropriate solutions and develop a learning plan.

  • Step 3

    Accelerate user adoption

    With the right skills in place, you’ll have a happier and more productive workforce.