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Administrative services provider standardizes on hybrid fax solution from OpenText. TASC achieves scalability, efficiency, and savings with OpenText RightFax Connect


  • Growing and seasonal fax volumes
  • Multiple acquisitions result in varied and costly fax systems
  • Limited IT resources to manage on-premises solutions


  • Cloud-based fax delivery

  • Instant scalability to manage fluctuations in fax volume

  • Reduced IT investment in fax servers and telephony infrastructure


Since its inception 40 years ago, TASC has seen dramatic growth via an acquisition strategy that has led to more than 50 acquisitions. To avoid operational and service inefficiencies in this highly competitive and commoditized industry, TASC must move quickly to standardize its newly acquired companies on central technology platforms. Recently, TASC chose to consolidate fax transmissions in the OpenText Cloud, a move that was critical to managing the company’s highly seasonal fax volumes.

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We have had good success with OpenText. From our account manager to the executive team that supports the OpenText RightFax product, OpenText has been a good partner for us and we look forward to furthering our relationship and growing with their platform.

Trevor Farnum
Director of Infrastructure and Acquisition Technologies, TASC


TASC is a driven, high-performance company whose mission is to efficiently deliver innovative employee benefits and administration services. The company has also set aggressive goals for continued growth, fueled partly via acquisitions. Trevor Farnum, director of infrastructure and acquisition technologies at TASC, is responsible for managing the integration of those acquired companies.

Farnum described the challenge he faces when dealing with the varied faxing technology of each new company: “Having multiple fax systems in our ecosystem is costly because we have to manage and maintain those systems. From acquired companies, we have multiple T1 lines or varying fax services that are brought into our company. We need to consolidate and achieve efficiencies through economies of scale. To do that, we have to move to one standard provider.”

To add to the challenge, Farnum must ensure that the standardized technology can support the highly seasonal nature of TASC’s business. The company’s highest fax volumes come primarily from people submitting benefits claims via fax.

“We have a seasonality to our product offerings. The Flexible Spending Account is a good example since it is based on taxation, so there is a huge spike in activity near the end of the year (when unused benefits will be lost). In my role, being in charge of the infrastructure and acquisition technology, I have to figure out where I need to have technology line up with this peak,” explained Farnum.

Farnum and his team set out to find an enterprise fax solution with the scalability, flexibility, and affordability to manage the peaks and valleys of the growing TASC business. “We needed a strong dedicated partner who could help us manage the fluctuating volumes and ensure uptime while reducing our costs. It was important for us not to have to maintain an infrastructure large enough for the busy times even during the slower times of the year,” said Farnum.


OpenText RightFax Connect—cloud transmission for the market-leading RightFax server

After a highly analytical and cost-driven decision-making process, TASC selected OpenText™ RightFax with OpenText™ RightFax Connect. OpenText RightFax provides enterprise faxing capability—integrating fax and document distribution with email, desktop, and document management applications. The RightFax Connect option allows TASC to cloud-enable the RightFax server, with a fully outsourced telephony solution that eliminates the need for fax boards, fax channels, gateways, PRI/T1/E1 lines, analog phone lines, or complex PBX integrations.

RightFax Connect enables TASC to meet their seasonal volume spikes. The scalable cloud faxing solution automatically provides capacity for small and large fax volumes, including bursts and peaks. “OpenText also brought about redundancy capabilities for fax transmissions (or delivery) for a fraction of the price of doing the same thing on premises,” added Farnum.

TASC’s history with the RightFax product also factored into the decision—TASC had successfully used RightFax for several years and many of its acquired companies were also using some form of the RightFax solution. “RightFax has always been a very stable product,” said Farnum. He added that continuing to use RightFax provided “a really positive benefit for us because we’re rolling out something that everybody is familiar with.”

TASC opted to move to the hybrid solution to gain flexibility and economies of scale. “When you’re looking at the growth that we’re adding to the business and how fast I want to absorb the acquisitions and acquire my economies of scale, I need a partner who can grow with me. We liked the hybrid option because the OpenText solution will grow as fast as I need it to grow. I didn’t want to have to estimate where I needed to be from a T1 line or from a fax system. I could just move fax delivery over to the cloud and have OpenText manage it,” explained Farnum.


TASC worked closely with a trusted strategic partner, The Fax Guys, to help implement the solution. “They brought the RightFax expertise to the table, which enabled us to move faster and achieve our delivery objectives,” said Farnum.

They began the implementation with one of TASC’s acquired companies before rolling out the solution to TASC corporate. “The Fax Guys had a system to make sure that the first production system was ready to go, so when we did the cutover it was a very smooth process.” The team encountered an issue with the main rollout, when a telco provider dropped a line a week earlier than expected. “That caused a massive problem, but OpenText responded quickly and partnered with us to get the fax line back up and operational. It was really great having such a nice team at OpenText to work with,” says Farnum.

OpenText RightFax with RightFax Connect is now used at TASC for all incoming and outgoing faxes, for both corporate and for TASC’s acquired companies.


Fax delivery via the OpenText Cloud

Using OpenText RightFax Connect, TASC can now optimize the flow of fax traffic and eliminate costs associated with managing and maintaining telephony connections. TASC can also reallocate the time and resources that used to be spent maintaining multiple fax systems. “OpenText RightFax Connect has allowed us to refocus our team on more important TASC-related objectives and off fax system maintenance and telco contracts to manage the physical inbound T1 lines. It’s freed up my resources. Traditionally, we would have had roughly one-eighth of a full-time employee managing the fax system on a weekly basis to ensure everything was operational. Now, I can refocus that employee back to his everyday tasks of desktop support,” said Farnum.

We have consolidated all of our acquisitions onto the OpenText platform and this has enabled us to move faster and therefore save more money.

Trevor Farnum
Director of Infrastructure and Acquisition Technologies, TASC

Standardized enterprise platform

With the RightFax solution in place, TASC no longer has to manage multiple disparate fax systems in its many acquired companies. Faxing is now centrally managed. “We have consolidated all of our acquisitions onto the OpenText platform and this has enabled us to move faster and therefore save more money,” said Farnum. For example, TASC can now move faster with the integration of acquisitions: “We can expand simply by porting the lines to OpenText. So I can quickly come into those acquisitions and rapidly deploy the RightFax with RightFax Connect solution,” explained Farnum.

Instant scalability

Farnum and his team deployed the solution several months before TASC’s peak season to ensure that the new platform would be in place to meet the year-end spikes in fax traffic. “In December, we will be at three to four times the current volume, but then it will drop down again. The new solution allows us to easily handle the growing volumes. Before, we would have to add in multiple T1 lines to service the needs of our customers,” said Farnum.

Cost savings

By consolidating to a single RightFax server and leveraging RightFax Connect in the OpenText Cloud, TASC avoids the cost of investing in significant on-premises fax hardware and telephony infrastructure. “That would have been a pretty significant cost that I would have had to add to our budget,” said Farnum. In addition, TASC benefits from the cost-effective OpenText pricing model. “We are not paying a premium to guess today where we need to be in the next three to five years. We can pay for the piece we need now and use the savings to reinvest in other TASC initiatives, bringing our customers better fax service today but also better services with our products through that reinvestment,” said Farnum.

Redundancy and failover

TASC can now rely on the OpenText global cloud fax network for redundancy and failover, to ensure that it continues to meet the high uptime requirements of its service level agreements (SLAs). “We maintain a queue on our side, so as faxes come in there is anywhere from two to four hours of queued up work for people. Should my fax system here fail, the OpenText cloud solution is going to hold on to my fax messages until I come back online. I don’t need to go and build up multiple systems here to maintain redundancy,”explained Farnum. As a result, TASC no longer requires a failover provider. “Now I can remove that other provider and I can look to RightFax and OpenText to enable all of that. So I can focus more energy on the delivery that I’m getting from OpenText, than having to look at different platforms to make sure that I’m meeting my SLAs,” said Farnum.


Farnum looks forward to continued growth and success with the OpenText solution. “The implementation of RightFax Connect aligns with our needs tied to both organic and acquisition growth. We have had good success with OpenText. From our account manager to the executive team that supports the OpenText RightFax product, OpenText has been a good partner for us and we look forward to furthering our relationship and growing with the platform.”

About The Fax Guys

The Fax Guys ( have been exclusively focused on fax automation using RightFax since 1998. The company has completed more than 1,000 fax server installations nationwide in such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and transportation. Although based in Minnesota, the RightFax support technical team is scattered all over the United States to service each North American time zone. The Fax Guys are an OpenText Platinum Partner—one of an elite few to achieve that distinction - and an authorized OpenText RightFax Support Provider.

About TASC

TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) provides third-party administrative services, including employee benefits and compliance administration to companies of all sizes across the United States. With 8,000 field representatives and more than 900 associates, TASC has become a leader in the industry as the nation’s largest privately held third-party administrator.