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OpenText™ HCMX FinOps Express delivers $5M in savings, optimizing OpenText’s cloud spend from $14M to $9M on an annualized basis

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About OpenText

OpenText enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, optimize and modernize their IT operations, manage risk, and drive business agility through innovative enterprise software solutions.

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  • Lacked cloud cost visibility.
  • Underutilized AWS savings plans.
  • Cultural resistance to cost reduction.


  • Integrated cost insights.
  • Empowered engineers with intuitive tools.
  • Implemented a comprehensive FinOps suite.


  • Achieved 35% cost reduction
  • Boosted collaborative engagement through intuitive tools
  • Validated user satisfaction


  • Limited cloud financial visibility for engineers resulted in a lack of financial accountability and hindered cost-saving decisions
  • AWS savings plans were underused, representing substantial untapped potential for significant expense optimization
  • Cultural resistance to cost reduction and cloud optimization created inertia, hampering proactive expense management

OpenText's IT Operations business unit faced an uphill battle in managing and optimizing their cloud expenditure. Imagine a bustling team of engineers dedicated to their tasks but grappling with a significant challenge: a lack of detailed actionable insights into their cloud spending. This financial visibility gap made navigating cost-saving strategies akin to wandering a maze without a map. Their cloud expenses soared to an annualized $14M, a glaring red flag signaling the need for change.

The challenges were manifold. Engineers toiled away without a clear view of their cloud spending, hindering their ability to make informed decisions. Simultaneously, gleaming in the background were underutilized AWS savings plans representing multiple opportunities for cost efficiency left unexplored. The culture represented another hurdle and needed to be transformed. A lack of emphasis on cost reduction efforts and cloud spend optimization created a cultural inertia, stifling proactive expense management and it was difficult to break free from the patterns hindering their path to financial efficiency.

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HCMX FinOps Express transformed our approach with unexpected yet exceptional visualizations. These profound insights are invaluable for cloud rate optimization and scenario planning. Evaluating scenarios from one screen streamlines our optimization process, allowing us to prioritize more effectively.

Claire Elgin
COE Project Manager


To optimize cloud costs in multi-cloud environments, OpenText implemented OpenText™ HCMX FinOps Express to achieve cloud spending visibility and budget management.

Products deployed

  • OpenText™ HCMX FinOps Express

    Foster a culture of financial responsibility, improve decision-making with intelligent insights, and deliver centralized control to tame cloud bills

Integrating cost insights

At its core, HCMX FinOps tackles the complexities to meet the demands of FinOps practices. It fortified the FinOps team with the capabilities they required for effective management, optimization, and governance of their multi-cloud resources.

Key among the features and functionalities of HCMX for FinOps was its ability to provide the team with comprehensive visibility into spending across different clouds. Users tracked, analyzed, and optimized costs, leveraging detailed breakdowns and usage analytics to identify and capitalize on all the untapped cost-saving opportunities.

Empowering engineers with intuitive tools

The new platform facilitated the implementation of governance policies and automation mechanisms, aligning with FinOps best practices. This ensured compliance, optimized resource allocation, curtailed unnecessary spending, and aided users in aligning cloud resources with actual workload demands, which also significantly contributed to overall cost reduction.

Implementing a comprehensive FinOps suite

Budget management capabilities that include forecasting allowed the team to anticipate future spending trends and enabled effective budget management. This proactive approach to cost management has empowered decision-makers and assisted in comprehensive planning for the future.

The platform's compatibility and integration with all the various cloud service providers and hybrid cloud environments ensured seamless compatibility across all the infrastructures and provided real-time insights, enabling data-driven decisions and comprehensive reporting for decision-makers.

HCMX FinOps facilitated seamless user onboarding and provided a unified view across multiple cloud providers. Leveraging its insights, we achieved a substantial 35% reduction in spend while empowering users with newfound awareness and optimization opportunities within their cloud usage.

Steve Berube
Software Engineering


OpenText achieved significant cost reduction and improvements to user satisfaction by shifting their cloud expenditure strategy based on improved FinOps visibility and insights.

Achieved 35% cost reduction

The achieved 35%+ reduction in cloud spending didn't just represent a number on a balance sheet; it became the emblem of a transformative shift towards greater financial efficiency, demonstrating the tangible impact of actionable insights seamlessly integrated into their cloud management strategy.

Boosted collaborative engagement through intuitive tools

Additionally, the exemplary engagement sparked by personalized recommendations wasn't just a statistic. It was a testament to the tool's resonance among users, highlighting not only their willingness to embrace innovation but also their recognition of the practical value these features brought to their daily operations.

Validated user satisfaction

OpenText's adoption of HCMX FinOps Express marked a pivotal shift in their cloud expenditure strategy. Overcoming challenges of limited visibility, unutilized savings plans, and cultural inertia, the project validated the tangible benefits of a FinOps program backed by a purpose-built tool.