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Global steel and mining group streamlines operations and improves productivity with solutions by OpenText and N-iX

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  • Unable to keep up with increasing document volumes and concurrent system users
  • Slow response times on all stages of document workflow
  • Ineffective at accommodating all business requirements
  • Lack of flexibility and maintainability due to high dependency on a proprietary scripting language


  • Optimized and automated all document-related business processes

  • Increased daily document processing volume from 100 to 7000 per day

  • Reorganized server cluster architecture, becoming more scalable and flexible


Metinvest Holding underwent a digital transformation by automating its business processes.

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OpenText solutions implemented by N-iX in cooperation with Metinvest Digital has assisted us in our digital transformation, allowing us to increase our daily document volume by 6900%.

Rudenko Yevheniy
Head of Finance Processes Department, Metinvest Digital

Struggling to keep up with increasing document volumes, varying business needs and multiple system users, the steel and mining group leveraged OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions. The solution was implemented by N-iX, which provided end-to-end professional services from conducting business analysis and developing tech infrastructure to training and post go-live support.

As a result of the OpenText solution, the Metinvest system increased its processing capability from 100 to more than 7,000 documents per day. User interface performance and the archiving process were also enhanced, allowing Metinvest to streamline operations, improve productivity and maximize their OpenText investment.

About partner N-iX

N-iX is a global software development service company with more than 2000 engineers and over 20 years of experience. N-iX Professional Services has experience developing and customizing OpenText ECM solutions and implementing them in various industries.

About Metinvest Holding

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Metinvest Holding is an international group of steel and mining companies with vast iron ore reserves, coal mines and steelmaking assets in Europe and North America. Metinvest Digital is the group’s IT company, responsible for all of their IT processes.