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Jacky Perrenot

Jacky Perrenot dramatically reduces costs and streamlines workflows. Major EU transport company sees fast ROI and 30% savings by digitally transforming 50,000 faxes per month with OpenText XM Fax


  • Decentralized faxing was cumbersome and expensive
  • Existing infrastructure lacked reporting capabilities
  • Secure solution needed to protect confidential and sensitive documents


  • Eliminated fax machines and PSTN lines for a 30% savings

  • Recouped cost of the XM Fax solution in 2 years

  • Implemented tracking all faxing company-wide for a detailed audit record


Sending and receiving those faxes was expensive and hard to track. Jacky Perrenot staff were faxing from MFPs and fax machines via local and isolated analog phone lines, paying monthly subscriptions to several different telecom providers. The company wanted to replace traditional fax machines with a centralized solution while leveraging their fleet of MFPs.

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Jacky Perrenot is extremely satisfied with the deployment and utilization of XM Fax, for the whole group, across our centralized network

Sébastien Fizanne
IT Manager, Jacky Perrenot

Not only was it cumbersome and expensive, their traditional fax infrastructure also represented a significant security risk. Employees needed to retrieve their faxes on printers sitting in open areas, where access was uncontrolled. Additionally, the IT department had insufficient reporting and tracking capabilities to have true visibility into who was sending what, where, when.

The company needed a digital fax solution to transform their communications while also integrating seamlessly with their existing Xerox MFP fleet. It was also mandatory that the solution conform to the company’s server virtualization policy.

Moreover, the IT department was overloaded with work and had limited expertise in fax technology. As a result, the company needed a partner that could act as a consultant and provide the best recommendations and support in integrating a fax solution with their workflows and MFP fleet.

Jacky Perrenot selected OpenText™ XM Fax™ Service Provider Edition to fill their needs because of its feature-rich capabilities, ease of integration/ administration, and compelling ROI case. The solution was installed via on-premises servers utilizing 16 IP channels for unlimited users, redundant high-availability infrastructure, and porting of their existing numbers on a SIP trunk platform. Thanks to the XM Fax EIP connector, bringing their Xerox MFPs online with the new solution was very easy.

Key to implementing the solution across Jacky Perrenot’s systems was the successful collaboration between their IT department and OpenText™ Professional Services. In addition to safeguarding the deployment process, Professional Services provided training to the Jacky Perrenot IT team so they could manage users and monitor faxes via web administration.

Jacky Perrenot is now enjoying the benefits of XM Fax at every level of the organization. The company’s end-users are particularly enthusiastic that they can send and receive faxes from their computers (most through Outlook) and easily archive them on hard drives instead of physically filing them away.

Using XM Fax has proven to be as simple as sending emails, but with higher levels of security that provide safe transfer and storage of confidential and sensitive documents. Users and administrators can now more effectively track the receipt of deliveries, dramatically reducing the time spent and errors associated with manual fax archiving and routing.

The cost saving benefits have been pronounced and fast in presenting themselves. XM Fax eliminates analog phone lines, fax machines, maintenance, and supplies, enabling the company to significantly reduce its costs. For instance, the XM Fax single operator subscription (for the SIP Trunk service) replaced analog line subscriptions with five operators.

Overall, Jacky Perrenot estimates that its savings total approximately 30%. The ROI has been very compelling, as the fax server was completely paid for in the second year of operation.

As the company’s needs shift going forward, XM Fax will be easy to upgrade by simply adding IP channels to absorb any increase in the workflow, number of users, and deployment sites.

Sébastien Fizanne, IT Manager at Jacky Perrenot, praised the new solution: “Jacky Perrenot is extremely satisfied with the deployment and utilization of XM Fax, for the whole group, across our centralized network”.

About Jacky Perrenot

Founded in 1945, Jacky Perrenot is a major transport company headquartered in France. It has over 50 subsidiaries and 5,200 employees. Faxed documents are an integral part of their transportation logistics process (e.g. freight shipping documents, delivery confirmations, etc.). To ensure shipments move smoothly, the company averages a volume of more than 2,000 faxes being processed every day.