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Eldorado Computing

Eldorado Computing harnesses data to help clients thrive in the evolving world of healthcare. Healthcare insurance application developer uses OpenText Analytics Suite to put data into action in its signature payer platform, Javelina™


  • Offer clients BI capabilities to support operational and business reporting needs
  • Reduce costs for clients
  • Provide access to data while supporting regulatory and other security requirements
  • Continually invest in platform to support future growth and meet customer requirements


  • Improved access to claims data

  • Accelerated speed to market

  • Customized reporting options


In 2010, the company launched Javelina™, a browser-based healthcare claims and benefits platform. Javelina, along with Mphasis’ Front2Back™ (F2B) transformation capabilities, enables clients to overcome existing legacy-driven limitations, disparate/fragmented operations and high maintenance costs. The solution optimizes, saves, innovates and transforms the existing service models, and combines industry expertise with the latest RPA, analytics, LEAN and digital tools and solutions.

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The [OpenText Analytics] reporting capability in Javelina plays a significant role in the sales process and the overall value proposition we bring to our clients. Without this capability, our customers’ immediate access to their data and operational analytics capabilities would be reduced. So, having OpenText as part of our solution and having that trust in the relationship is a big part of the overall value proposition we provide to our clients.

Sally Else
President, Eldorado

Eldorado already had a longstanding technology partnership with OpenText. It offered OpenText™ Analytics Suite reporting capabilities in HEALTHpac, its primary payer platform that manages healthcare benefits for third party administrators.

Building on this successful partnership, Eldorado decided to integrate OpenText Analytics with the Javelina platform to serve as its operational data store. Although Javelina is a modern, robust, web-based system that offers proven ROI, real-time capabilities and role-based permissions to protect confidential personal health information, OpenText Analytics gives its clients the business intelligence tools they require to better put into action the solution’s massive data stores through enhanced analytics capabilities.

“The biggest change in the healthcare industry is the engagement of the consumer. Portals are critical. Smart phone applications are critical. Pushing safe and secure information to the consumer is much, much more important,” said Sally Else, president of Eldorado. “If you are going to do any of those things, you need an analytics capability to understand when to push information and what information to push.”

OpenText Analytics is a core component of the Javelina offering. The advanced analytics and next-generation services that OpenText offers is a standout in the industry.

Sally Else
President, Eldorado

Enhanced client offerings

OpenText Analytics offers Javelina clients a real-time view into their operational data, with approximately 175 standardized claim reports at their disposal, as well as customized reporting options. “OpenText Analytics is a core component of the Javelina offering,” said Else. “The advanced analytics and next-generation services that OpenText offers is a standout in the industry.”

Expanding usage

“As our partnership with OpenText evolves, we continue to expand Javelina’s offerings, with plans to offer more advanced analytics and visualization functionality to our toolset,” Else said. “You cannot stand still in this industry. So, we really feel compelled to always continue to look at new things and make sure our current offering is what our customers need. There is no shortage of data in the healthcare industry. It grows exponentially. We are committed to always moving forward.”

With that in mind, Eldorado plans to rollout additional web services for real-time data access and predictive analytics that can be used by its customers for pricing and analyzing bundled payments.

“One of the things that our customers often would like us to do is to have more professional services to offer around the use of the product and how to get the job done without adding to their existing staff,” Else concluded.

About Eldorado Computing

Eldorado Computing, a division of Mphasis, is a provider of enterprise core administrative platforms and specializes in health insurance application development.