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EasyData specializes in building data warehouses based on the OpenText Vertica Analytics Platform

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  • Our customers are always sure that they are able to collect all data and analyze it quickly.
  • We are Gold OpenText (formerly Vertica) Specialist 2015 and Gold Big Data Platform Specialist 2016.
  • We would recommend OpenText (formerly Vertica) because it’s the best.
  • OpenText (formerly Vertica) is the best DB platform for analytical processing.


Using OpenText™ (formerly Vertica) for the following:

  • Financial tracking
  • Behavior analytics
  • Network performance analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Information security
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse optimization

Replaced the following vendors with OpenText (formerly Vertica):

  • Oracle
  • SybaseIQ

OpenText (formerly Vertica) is the best DB platform for analytical processing.

Vladimir Baranov
CEO, EasyData


Use case

Currently manages 81 – 200 TB of data with OpenText (formerly Vertica).

Uses the following Business Intelligence (BI), Visualization and/or ETL tools in their environment with OpenText (formerly Vertica):

  • ETL: Oracle Data Integrator
  • ETL: Talend
  • BI: Business Objects (Inc Crystal Reports)
  • BI: Cognos 8/10/11
  • BI: Tableau

Uses the following Advanced Analytics and/or Replication tools in their environment with OpenText (formerly Vertica):

  • Replication: Oracle GoldenGate
  • Advanced Analytics: Microsoft Analysis Services


The following are the most valuable OpenText (formerly Vertica) capabilities:

  • Massive scalability on industry-standard hardware
  • Standard SQL interface
  • Simultaneous loading and querying
  • Concurrency for hundreds or thousands of users
  • Superior compression
  • High availability without hardware redundancy

Reduced TCO by 51-100% with OpenText (formerly Vertica).

Improved query performance by 101 – 500% with OpenText (formerly Vertica).

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EasyData specializes in building high-load, complex real-time solutions targeted towards Banks, Telcos, Retail and Internet companies.