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Consolis streamlines the management of millions of documents. Leading European concrete manufacturer improves security, privacy and regulatory compliance with OpenText™ Document Management, eDOCS Edition


  • Millions of documents could not be easily retrieved
  • Upgrade to the last eDOCS version was required
  • Loss of information when employees were leaving or moving to other roles


  • Migrated approximately 30,000 documents in just hours

  • Provided 100% visibility of all company documents, regardless of format or age

  • Supported compliance with EU data protection legislation


Consolis generates millions of documents, including PDF and Microsoft® Word files, emails, texts and zip files. “Our challenge was chaos,” said Sten Söderberg, Consolis solutions manager. “If you look at a company with thousands of people, all working with computers on a daily basis, it’s easy to create a chaotic situation when you are trying to find documents.”

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The OpenText eDOCS team always tries to find the right solutions to meet our needs. They have been a great partner to work with.

Vitantonio Labarile
IT Director, Consolis

Having chosen the OpenText eDOCS system in 1995, the company has now upgraded to meet increasing business demands, including continued compliance with data protection legislation.

More than 1,000 employees use the solution each day to organize and access information in a variety of ways. The new solution includes eDOCS InfoCenter, a flexible interface that is easy to personalize. Using specialized windows or ‘tiles,’ content is organized to make it easily searchable and retrievable. With one click, users can load any document to be opened in the authoring application and it is ready for reviewing, editing and sharing.

“The advantage of using OpenText eDOCS is the flexibility of the solution,” said Vitantonio Labarile, Consolis IT director. “It’s easy to integrate with the rest of your IT solutions, such as intranet and ERP. Another big advantage is the OpenText sales team. We find it quite easy to discuss and explain our real needs with them and they are flexible in finding technical and financial solutions that fit our business needs.” Labarile cited a recent case where Consolis migrated 30,000 documents from its French legal subsidiary to eDOCS. The entire migration finished in less than one evening.

eDOCS supports the management of individual documents instead of files, which is critical to helping Consolis comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under the GDPR, it is essential to know who created a document as well as details of all updates. “OpenText eDOCS gives us several benefits from an IT perspective,” said Söderberg. “It’s a common system that makes it easy to onboard users. It provides the flexibility to give certain users permission for parts of the system and also stipulates where they can administrate their own documents and parts of the metadata.

Installation was easy, as eDOCS is a simple Microsoft-oriented system. It’s mobile-readiness also increased its value to Consolis. Users can now access the system on their mobile phones, regardless of their location. By using the ‘recent edit’ list feature in eDOCS, they can find their documents in just seconds.

“An ECM system like OpenText eDOCS is an insurance policy,” said Söderberg. “With eDOCS, I get instant access to documents and a memory that in our case, goes back 22 years. Thanks to OpenText eDOCS, we are now able to quickly find documents from 1995. Every document can be retrieved and it doesn’t depend on time.”

My three words to summarize OpenText eDOCS are trustful, secure and adaptive.

Sten Söderberg
ECM Solutions Manager, Consolis

About Consolis

Consolis is a leading European industrial group specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-performance precast concrete products, providing sustainable construction solutions for residential and non-residential buildings, as well as urban and rural planning. Consolis is also heavily involved in transportation infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, bridges and tunnels, as well as projects with specific industrial needs, such as power stations. Headquartered in Paris, Consolis has operations in 28 countries and employs more than 10,000 people. For more information, visit