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Aktif Bank selects OpenText to enhance software quality and traceability

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  • Provides detailed reporting of test runs
  • Enables test cases to be written in a reusable way
  • Tracks software defects in relation to test cases and requirement


Always keeping high quality digital channel applications such as mobile applications, kiosks and websites developed by the bank for the best customer experience.

With UFT Digital Lab, which enables both manual and automatic testing of mobile applications, we have gained the ability to centrally manage our mobile devices and applications from any standard browser. During the pandemic, when we had to work from home, managing our mobile devices with UFT Digital Lab allowed our tests to continue as planned.

Hüseyin Erdem Oğuz
Test and R&D Unit Director
Aktif Bank


Digital customer service

Hüseyin Erdem Oğuz, Aktif Bank Test and R&D Unit Director, says, “One of the key competitive differentiators for Aktif Bank is our ability to serve our customers without requiring them to visit a physical branch. In terms of customer satisfaction, it is vital for our customers to be able to seamlessly use channels such as mobile applications, kiosks and websites as customer-contact points.” This focus on the digital channel emphasizes the importance of assuring the quality of every software product the bank develops.

The greatest benefit of this Aktif Bank project has been the improved quality and traceability in our software.

Hüseyin Erdem Oğuz
Test and R&D Unit Director
Aktif Bank

Software quality assurance

To help ensure measurable and sustainable software testing processes, Aktif Bank uses OpenText™ Application Lifecycle Management & Quality Center (ALM/QC). As one of the leading solutions for managing software quality throughout the application lifecycle, ALM/QC includes a comprehensive set of software tools designed and developed to optimize software implementation and testing. With tools for requirements management, test planning, functional testing, performance testing, developer management and defect management, ALM/QC helps companies like Aktif Bank simplify the testing of systems and applications so that they can focus on maintaining overall quality.

Reusability for efficiency

Oğuz says, “Software tests should be controlled, sustainable and measurable in order to increase the quality of applications developed by software teams.”

While Aktif Bank had tried many different tools and methods, it had not found a solution allowing test scenarios to be written in a reusable way.

“In addition to reusability for the sake of efficiency, we wanted to be able to report in detail on test runs, to associate test scenarios with requirements, and to track findings in relation to test scenarios and requirements,” says Oğuz. “OpenText™ ALM/QC gave Aktif Bank all of these capabilities that we were previously missing.”

Taking the next step

commenting on the implementation process, Oğuz says: “When we encountered issues in the integration of ALM/QC with third-party tools due to the security protocols of those tools, we were easily able to get the required integrations by using OpenText™ Connect.”

Following Aktif Bank’s successful deployment of OpenText™ ALM/QC for managing software testing and quality, the company selected OpenText™ LoadRunner for testing software performance under various load scenarios, as well as OpenText™ UFT One for test automation and OpenText™ UFT Mobile for testing mobile apps.

Aktif Bank worked with OpenText™ to ensure the long-term sustainability of its Application Lifecycle Management project. First of all, Aktif Bank’s test team built up the skills to manage, run and report on high-quality test scenarios using ALM/QC. Oğuz says: “We aimed to automate the scenarios written with UFT One as a second step and to increase the capabilities of the test team. At this point, the entire test team was able to actively use ALM/QC and UFT One.”

Quality: a living process

Following a three-month implementation, the first ALM/QC test report was released to all application lifecycle teams. “As quality is a living process, we are continuing to push ahead with the automation of tests for our web, mobile and Java desktop applications using UFT One,” says Oğuz.“The greatest benefit of this Aktif Bank project has been the improved quality and traceability in our software.”

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